10 Must Install Android Apps

Last updatedNovember 13, 2014

Every year, you perceive thousands of apps (new & existing) hovering around the Google Play Store (also known as the Android Market). The data from a reliable source suggests that the current number of Android apps in the market is 1,398,698. However, the number keeps on changing every day.

Nevertheless, I have sunk into the deep ocean of Android apps, and gathered “TEN” prolific apps that are truly essential. One more thing, I’m not covering social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since most of us are obliged to have these apps on our Android Smartphones. So, without further a due, let’s get straight down to the business.


Viber: Free Calls & Messages

After the release of an unrestricted version of Viber on mid-2012, the numbers (users) took on flying gear. It thrives because of its great poise between free voice calls and texting features. Its uniqueness is defined by its ability to add your computer as a communication device. With your Android device, you can flawlessly transfer a call to the Viber PC app and continue the conversation without a break.


TextSecure: Private SMS/MMS

Have you ever been worried about the intruders sneaking at your private text messages? With TextSecure, you can flush this problem forever. Messages sent through TextSecure apps are encrypted over the air. This coding feature ensures a complete protection of your privacy. However, this app also encrypts all the messages, when the device is at rest.


Vine: Movie-Making

The Smartphone movie-making giant took a while to debut on Android, but it hardly took two months to hit the height it is right now. With the help of this amazing tool, you can seamlessly create anime or make a stop-motion movie. This app also facilitates to browse vines from others and share your vines via social networks.


Avast! Mobile Security

With tons of security traits like remote lock, battery manager, and safe web browsing, avast! Ranks top in our mobile security chart. Although it lacks backup, it obtained high marks from independent testing labs.


Noom Weight Loss Coach

If you lack motivation for your weight-loss program, this app pumps an extra adrenaline rush through your veins. It is a pocket-size trainer that feeds tips and ideas about weight loss curriculum. It pre-defines the calorie amount that you need to intake and burn to achieve your goal.



If you believe that the Yelp is circumscribed only to the reviews of restaurant or bar, then you are mistaken! I personally was a little skeptical about the group-sourced reviews, but Yelp gives you way more than just a review. You can find various locations with their hours of operation, menus and contact details. This flexibility helps you to spot the perfect place in your city.



I am a shopping freak, are you? This app is customary made for all the shopping lovers. The name gives a glimpse of information about this app. With this app, you can browse an item’s price history so that you can make the best deal available. Now, you can make a comparison of price fluctuation on local stores and online stores.



Trust me, even the top news sites cannot deliver the news to you in the way Flipboard does. This little app helps you to explore the latest news and topics of the world in a flip. It creates your personal magazine where you can share and follow stories, videos, and photos.



Everyone has a thirst for music, right? The only difference can be the preference of thirst. Some may have hunger for classic Rock Music whereas some may fantasize over Jazz. The moral of the story remains; “we all love music”. So, have you ever been hit by the situation when a song hits in your ear, but you cannot get the gist of it? Well, it happens many times for me. Nevertheless, this is where Shazam hits a “bingo”. Shazam is a song recognition app that is solely dedicated to identifying the song you are unfamiliar with.



Netflix is one of the best online streaming apps you will ever find on the internet world. With its live streaming option, it has become a nail of modern existence. You can watch movies and TV shows online or streaming right to your TV via PlayStation, Wii and other devices.


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