3 Best Ways to Keep your Iphone Safe

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Last updatedJuly 04, 2014

With the extended wings of the new technology circumventing this modern era, the ways of communication has changed drastically. Now that Apple is launching its new baby— Iphone  6, your palm must be feeling itchy to get a hold of it. Well, the good news is that it’s just a few months from reaching at your hands. But for the time being, what you should primarily focus on is how you can keep your sweetheart safe.

As they say in technical globe, the easiest way to repair your device is to not break it at all. But in practical field it’s just a false claim. The exterior design of iphones is made up of soft micro fiber and leather which makes it highly vulnerable to any kind of falls. Cracked screens have always been an ill-famed downside of this wonderful product of Apple.

Here are some ways to keep your device protected:

·         cell phone repairSafe handling:  Treat your iphone as it is the most valuable investment you have made in your social life. Well, I consider my iphone as the love of my life. And, why wouldn’t I? I have taken so many things for granted that it has provided me with and instead what it has cost me is just a few part of mysalary. So, think it as your girlfriend and care it as your wife.

·        anit glare filmAnti glare film: Can you see those scratches in your iphone’s screen? Does the screen feel a little too sticky? Then here is the solution—Just get an anti glare film and apply a thin layer of it on your iphone’s screen. It keeps both your eye and iphone highly safe.

·        Protective cases:  There are varieties of cases available in the market which could sustain the damage of your iphone during its fall. What I personally prefer is the flip case which I have got in my iphone. It not only creates a shield for your iphone but also keeps your screen dirt free. Well, the ball is in your court, just get it now and make your phone protected.iphone case

Although, you are reluctant to keep your device highly secured, it is still prone to sudden falls. So what can you do at that moment? There is nothing to cry about. There are experts who have high degree of experience in such fields and know how to fix your iphone in a minimal cost possible.

Don’t sacrifice the beauty of your phone in terms of any cost because your phone looks the best only when it is in the palm of your hand. For expert repairs and maintenance call us at: (212) 725-3200 or you can also book us online

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