3 Major Problems With Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8
Stefan Green
Last updatedSeptember 10, 2017

Released in April of 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8 finally reached the hands of anxiously waiting buyers. Galaxy S8 being wrapped with some amazing features, sleek design, and mesmeric display design also brought in some faulty issues to sadden its users.


Facial recognition defect

Facial recognition is a feature that all pricey smartphone users covet in their gadget. Although Samsung started facial recognition features years ago in its smartphones, they are still to improve for a better and more convenient facial recognition.

Everyone dislikes to multiple-attempt to unlock their phone. Until the phone gets a right angle, it just denies getting unlocked. However, users want an improved and more accurate facial recognition.


Screen quality:

While Galaxy S8 manufacturers put a lot of attention in increasing battery life, we felt like they disregarded the screen qual­ity. Samsung Galaxy S8 users got screen resolution lesser than they expected. It’s 2960 x 1440 display fails to satisfy its buyers who have splashed around $700 for this premium smartphone.

However, there is an option to change the screen resolution to choose among HD+, FHD+ AND WQHD resolutions.


Fingerprint scanner placing

When we go for one of the most excellent smartphones in the world, we want even the smallest of issue fixed well. However, Samsung’s decision to put the fingerprint sensor right next to its camera has annoyed many of its users. Every time I try to unlock the device, I accidentally hit the camera and make it dirty. Every time I open my smartphone camera, I have to wipe the camera to prevent the blurry images.

These three are the major issues that dissatisfy the Galaxy S8 and S8+ buyers.  Besides these, some people have complained about the red-tinted screen, some are displeased with home screen launcher; some are not happy with the battery and so forth.

Alike other smartphones, Galaxy S8 may trouble its users with some minor niggles; however, the phone is great with its overall performance.  So, overall, this lavish piece of gadget is great to own besides these troubling issues.

If you find some other troubling you, you can comment below.

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