5 Best Android Apps Of 2017

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Stefan Green
Last updatedSeptember 25, 2017

There nearly 3 million Android apps now.  Besides Google Maps, Google Drive Suite and Google Play Music, there are some other great apps that have become popular in the recent years, especially 2017.  I have written five such android apps of 2017.



Simplicity is what made it stand among the top. It displays current weather, the weather forecast for up to 3 months, a radar and a set of some simple and customizable widgets. You can turn on notifications to get updated about the weather situation like storm and snow. It also has included a feature that shows the fun fact.  It has both the free version and paid version. Only the difference is $1.99 in-app purchase app eliminates all the advertisements.


Pocket casts

Most of the people who use podcasts know which the best one to use is. Pocket casts is a beautiful and stable app that lets you download and stream different podcasts. Pocket casts features both audio-only and video podcast. It has the sign-in feature as well so that you can sync your podcasts.



SwiftKey keyboard was introduced several years ago which provides a ‘predictive feature’ which means it learns the words and phrases that you use and predicts them afterward helping you type quickly and efficiently without making mistakes.  It understands you quickly and adapts the way you type.  SwiftKey also supports multiple languages making it favorites of people around the globe.



When you have a list of things to do, you should have a better place to keep your list. This app – Wunderlist helps you keep your to-do list and keep you updated. Whether you are in your home with a bunch of basic household chores to do or in your workplace planning to deal with a lot of issues all at once, Wunderlist helps you keep track of all those tasks. Its free version is designed for basic functions whereas its pro-version priced at $4.99 per month is proposed for business personnel.



Last, but not the least, Zedge has occupied our list of top five android apps for 2017. This app contains wallpapers, ringtones, alarms and notification tone and so forth and allows you to modify the basic parts of your smartphone.  However, there are complaints that ads are irritating and wallpapers are not great for higher resolution. Beyond these objections, Zedge is a great app having millions of fans all around the globe.

If you have not gotten any of these apps, I suggest you get them on your smartphone now.  These great apps are sure to make your life better and more interesting.

If you have some other apps to mention in the best android apps for 2017, you can inscribe them below.

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