5 Innovative Features In Smartphones In Near Future

Stefan Green
Last updatedAugust 28, 2017

Smartphones these days are not what they used to be 5 years ago. Each year, better say each month, those top smartphone manufacturers stuff new and innovative features in their smartphones. When we talk about the flagship smartphones of major smartphone brands, we can clearly see every one of them include some new or better-modeled features. When we compare today’s smartphones with smartphones of a couple of years ago, we find better quality camera and lens, amazing and productive apps, better video communication and so forth.

–          Foldable screen

So people have started finding smartphone’s screen smaller and not enough large to have a better smartphone experience. Whether you want to watch a movie on your smartphone or play a game or involve in some other task, people are finding screen size insufficient.


Increasing smartphones’ display size has the negative side. Smartphones are portable. Larger the size of the device, the harder it becomes to carry it all the time.


So increasing the size is always not an option. Smartphones’ brands have searched for the solution and foldable screen seems a fine option. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology will help you watch movies or play games on a larger screen thereby maintaining its pocketable size when not in use.

–          3D  feature

Some smartphones have already added this feature but it is yet to be used widely in smartphones. As we have already started using the finest 2D resolution, we are craving more and 3D seems the best possible option in our near future. What next? Maybe hologram will follow next.

–          Built-in projector

How large will be the flexible or foldable screen? –Large enough to give you the experience of watching TV? Probably not!  People want everything to be stuffed in their smartphone. That is where the inbuilt projector will be a thriving feature. Whether be it for the gaming console or watching a movie or explaining your project to others, the built-in projector will be an effective feature in the future smartphones with added voice or body command.

–          Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a sight of the physical world with the help of computer generated input like video, sound, graphics and more. Having been already used in telecasting sports games, photos and messages, AR will change the way the real world and digital world interact. For instance, you can use your smartphone’s camera to somewhere and your smartphone will find the café, hotel, station, shop or the place you are looking for.

–          Voice control and touch-free gesture

Many smartphones’ brands have already introduced voice control system. However, speech recognition and control is yet to hit its best.

Besides voice control, manufacturers are also working on providing better touch-free commands. The smartphones in near future will probably switch from manual mode to voice and gesture command mode.


It’s exciting to see these features in our smartphones within some years.  Let’s wait and see what other features these smartphones will unfold. With all these new and innovative features, smartphones will make people depend more on them for every kind of task in the future.

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