5 Smartphone Apps that Doctors Love!!

Steve Hughes
Last updatedSeptember 01, 2015

Well, Smartphone apps are not the magic wands- they wouldn’t make your health better, dissolve your belly fat or bake you a cupcake. But they can provide you the tools, and give you the much needed push to streamline the process so that you can do it yourself. The real challenge, however, is to find the apps that actually helps.

So, here are 5 smartphone apps that we think works and are redefining the doctor-patient relationship, and giving patients greater control over their health!

Flu Near You

Flu Near You is a free online app administered by Healthmap of Boston Children’s Hospital in partnership with the American Public Health Association and the Skoll Global Threats Fund. Users register and complete surveys to help everyone learn more about the flu. The app uses crowd-sourcing to quickly detect and track flu outbreaks. The app allows users to share and monitor real-time flu outbreaks in their area.


New to the city and don’t know where to find a dermatologist? With the help of ZocDoc, booking a doctor’s appointment is as easy and simple as making a dinner reservation. The app allows user to skim through the reviews of local health service provider, given by the fellow users. And helps them find the doctors that they love and book appointments instantly.

Sleep Cycle

This app monitors sleep pattern, tells you how long you have been in deep sleep and how long in light sleep. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your movements as you sleep, gauging when you transition between light and deep sleep.  The alarm clock will wake you up, when the phone determines that you’re in your lightest sleep cycle, during a preset 30-minute wake-up window.

NHS Choices Drink Tracker

The app helps you keep track of your drinking – showing you when you’re putting your health at risk and giving you tips to help you cut down. You enter what you drink and it calculates this into units of alcohol. It helps track how much one is drinking and gives free personalized feedback. Using it often leads to reducing consumption – as the harsh reality of how much one drinks is brought home.

Headache Diary Pro

The keeping of a headache diary is a recommended practice to help detail the characteristics of personal headaches, including triggers and remedies. The headache diary is a tool that can help you trackyour headaches and generate detailed reports for your health care provider.This can help build up a picture of what triggers them and how you might change your behavior to reduce them.

Well, these are all we have for now, try them and leave your views in the comment box below, and let us know if it was of any help to you.

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