7 Tips to Keep your Phone Cool

Ethan Barnes
Last updatedNovember 22, 2015

Overheating is one of the most bothering problems of cell phones. You hate it when your phone heats up and you want it to cool off. Overheating may cause major problems like draining your battery too quickly, or even permanently damaging your device. Luckily, there are some ways you can lower the risk and prevent your phone from harm. Here are some tips to keep your phone cool.

Tip #1 Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. This is pretty obvious but important. Direct sunlight majorly heats up your phone. So avoid your phone from the sunlight and hot temperature too.

Tip #2 Separate your phone from your other gadgets. Keeping your phone stacked up with other electronic devices increases the likeliness of overheating your devices. Keep your gadgets separate and you’ll keep them cool.

Tip #3 Trim unnecessary apps. Don’t keep applications that you’re never going to use. Turn off extra background features like Bluetooth, location services and Wi-Fi. By reducing your phone’s workload you can prevent it from getting heated.

Tip #4 Take it out of the case if it’s in one. The case can act as a sort of insulation, retaining heat and not giving the phone a chance to radiate some of it off. Think of it like wearing a wool glove on your hand in the heat versus letting your hand out to cool off.

Tip #5 Don’t charge your phone if it’s hot. The basic nature of battery charging heats up your phone. If it’s already hot, it can be quite dangerous so wait until it cools off before plugging in.

Tip #6 Try fanning or blowing on it. This might feel silly but it can work. The cool breeze helps your device to cool off.

Tip #7 Avoid sudden changes in temperature. If you’re really worried about the temperature of your phone, you might be tempted to place it in the refrigerator or freezer, just for a minute or two. This is a terrible idea. Exposing your device to extreme temperatures strains the components and has a risk of breaking the device.

Most phones in the market today are pretty good but they heat up too. These tips will help you keep your phone cool and safe.

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