9 Actionable Tricks to Improve your iPhone’s Performance

Last updatedFebruary 11, 2015

Whenever the news of Apple launching its baby product in the market strikes the air, my ears and eyebrows rise in excitement. Yes! I’m a big fan of this gorgeous masterpiece.

I bought my first iPhone back in 2010 and boy wasn’t it amazing! Since then, I have held 3 models of iPhone and every model was better than the previous one.

Though complaints related to slow performance is rare, slow iPhone could be the worst nightmare, especially when it has a lot of numbers to its age. After spending a healthy sum, you don’t want to end up banging your head due to regular drooping of your beloved iPhone. But somehow speed has never been an issue for me. But how?

These are the tricks I apply when I have any problem with performance. Hope these tips can help you out too!


Pick the bones out of the unnecessary stuffs

There is no doubt that the more internal memory you use in your iPhone, the slower it gets. Have you ever checked the available storage of your iPhone? According to my experience, if the available space is less than 4 GB, it starts to get relatively sluggish. So get rid of all the useless craps. I personally deleted apps and games like Camera360, Meipai, Goal.com, and Asphalt7. That increased the available space by 2 GB and bingo! I could notice a slight improvement in the speed.


Close all the background apps

Just like your computer, if you put heavy load on the RAM, it starts acting weird. You may not have noticed, but a high volume of apps are running in the background, even if you close the apps instantly. Solution – press the home button twice and start swiping the apps that are placed in the chronological order.


Turn off the auto update and download options

Even after applying both of the above tricks, you find your iPhone still lagging; it’s probably time to check the auto functions of your phone. You don’t want to run any auto task in the background. So here is what we are going to do. Head over to settings, click iTunes and Apps store, and disable all the active buttons.


Get rid of browser’s cache

Whether you believe it or not, but clearing the safari’s history & cookies does have a huge impact on the performance of your iPhone. Now it’s time to take care of your iPhone as your computer. Go to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data. There it is, all those scrappy data are no longer part of your iPhone.


Delete all those messages containing multimedia objects

Keeping a long thread of message in your iPhone can be a personal choice but not good for reliability especially when it has too many multimedia files like images and videos. Trust me having unnecessary text messages can weight down the functionality of a software. Now head to the messages and start deleting the old text messages.


Disable location services

Turning on location option not only hinders your iPhone’s performance speed, but also affects its battery life and your privacy. A lot of apps try to locate your place from this option which sounds ridiculous. Unless you feel it’s important to opt for location services, you should keep it unchecked.


Update the software as required

IOS updates are operated to make your iPhone work better. However, sometimes updates come with minor bug fixes that indirectly make your iPhone slower. When Apple brings a heavy update like IOS 6 to IOS 7, it can make your iPhone even slower depending on the model you are using. For instance, I had iPhone 4 then this massive update of IOS 7 arrived, I gave it a try only to know that it started to make my phone much slower than it was previously. Hence, think again before transforming to a better version if you possess an older iPhone.


Launch apps like Battery Doctor

Memory can have a lot to do with a slow running phone. Apps like battery doctor can increase the feasibility of its memory. You can simply download this app in app store, and yes it’s free. This simple app has the ability to scan and boost the memory. Further, it also provides information about apps being used, charging records, power usage details, and others. You want to try this manual doctor for your phone.


Restart your iPhone using power and home button

You probably know that pressing the power and home button at the same time gives you a screenshot of the interface you are at. However, did you know that by pressing & holding the home and power button can restart your phone immediately? If your iPhone is giving you certain issues, restarting your phone can help to reduce it immensely. Why don’t you try it?


Restore its previous backup

If all the above methods don’t help your iPhone run efficiently, you may have to restore it to a previous backup. Connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, and go to iPhone section. There you will find your backup, click restore backups. Restoring your phone to its previous configuration can do the trick perfectly if you feel that your phone has started acting sluggish recently.


These 10 tricks will eradicate the problem of temporary lagging. However, if your phone has stepped on the gas of a time limit, only a proper service can enhance its survival rate, else it’s a signal that you need another phone.


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