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Ethan Barnes
Last updatedFebruary 17, 2016

There are constantly new threats evolving, ranging from aggressive ad networks, through to Trojans and new forms of malware. Mobile phones have become our wallet, contact list, communications, and more. The biggest threat is that someone will get access to your device. Why take chances when it contains so much information? The solution to your problem is mobile Antivirus and security apps. Viruses may be a more limited problem on smartphones and tablets, but they do exist. Antivirus is usually only one component of the offered protection packages. The apps offer various security components for the protection of your phone and the data it contains. There are also anti-theft tools available.

Another threat to mobile phones is malware. If you only install software from trustworthy market places (like Google Play) you are safe from malwares. The majority of problems arise from the installation of ‘cracked’ applications from 3rd party market places which are often bundled with malicious software. Antivirus softwares protect mobile phones from malwares that have the potential to harm your phone.

Here are some good options for a security app or an antivirus for your mobile phone.

  1. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security App

TrustGo is the Best free Antivirus Android app in terms of protection and usability. This security app got the first place in AV-Test with 100% protection rate for Android mobiles. This free antivirus app protects you from today’s most dangerous malware and viruses and apps that can steal your personal privacy, identity and data. The app is like a box of tricks; not only does it provide anti-malware solutions, but also a number of management features, including system manager, privacy guard, data backup and device protection. TrustGo is a popular and well-known security company, and the app is fully-featured and entirely free!

Features of TrustGo Antivirus are Security Scanner, Secure App Search, Secure Web Browsing, System Manager, Privacy Guard, Data Backup and Device Protection.

  1. AVL

AVL is the mobile antivirus product from Antiy Labs. This security app got the second place in AV-Test with 100% protection rate for Android mobiles. If you don’t want anti-theft tools, or identity protection, or any of the other possibly unnecessary features that come in many security apps, then AVL will suit you. This app scored a 100 percent detection rate with no false positives and AV-Test found that the performance was good with no undue impact on speed or battery life. AVL can scan a variety of file formats beyond APKs and it’s designed to be fast and efficient.

  1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides the total protection for your Android device. It effectively scans and removes the virus, prevents data theft and tracks your phone against theft. You can download this for free of cost for a 14 days trial. AV-Test results show that it gives you 100% protection against viruses and from malicious Android apps. Bitdefender is a simple app and easy to use; it will keep your device, your information and your privacy safe. Its features include Malware Scanner, Application Audit, Web Security, Anti-Theft.

  1. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! Mobile Security is a genuine app and offers an impressive range of tools. It has antivirus protection, it scans your apps to provide details on what they are doing, and it has a Web shield that scans URLs for malware.

It scans your phone and memory card, removes the unnecessary stuff, and has the USSD Blocker Protection. The anti-theft feature is hidden and allows you to remote control your smartphone using SMS. So, if you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it, locate it, or wipe it. You can make it play a siren sound, lock down the SIM card, and prevent USB debugging as well. It’s a comprehensive solution for theft protection.

  1. 360 Security Antivirus: 

The 360 Security Antivirus was developed by Qihu in China. The app claimed the top spot in AV-Test’s September 2013 report with a virtually flawless detection rate of 99.9 percent, the highest of any of the security apps tested. In March 2014’s report it achieved a detection rate of 100 percent. The focus with 360 Mobile Security is firmly on detecting and nullifying threats to your system. It has a very streamlined, elegant design. It’s extremely lightweight, and completely free. It is an All-in-one Phone Cleaner that cleans trash files, private usage history and useless Android Application Packages. This antivirus helps to monitor mobile data details, calls and SMS, as well as manages the apps.

For a good blend of usability and strong protection, you should think about 360 Security. It offers smooth performance and a host of extra features, so it is bound to appeal you.

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