Application Of Cell Phones In Our Daily Life

Steve Hughes
Last updatedMay 12, 2014

Cell phones were once regarded as a luxury but now-a-days, almost everyone has access to mobile phones. Nobody can deny the fact that our lives have changed for the better with these high-tech gadgets in our pockets. Most people use cell phones every day for many purposes.

Today, there are more uses of cell phones than just voice calls. Here are some applications of cell phones in our daily lives.

  • Voice calling is the primary function of a cell phone. Whenever we need to talk to someone, we can easily get connected with that person via voice calls and exchange information anytime, anywhere.


  • The mobiles even replaced the wrist watches which people find it now easier to see time in their cell phones. Mobile phones became the personal dairies for many today.


  • We can now use our phones as a diary to store personal information. Plus, cell phones also offer also works as an alarm clock.


  • You can install latest multimedia apps in your iPhones and smartphones. If you are a gamer, there are loads of mobile gaming apps that you can download for free.


  • Latest mobile phones in the market have incredible audio and video features. So you can listen to good music as well as watch movies on your cell phone.


  • By delivering the internet access, cell phones are even replacing laptops. Internet surfers can use WiFi features in their cell phones to get connected to the internet. Internet connectivity is also possible through GPRS.


  • You can also use your cell phones as a highly efficient digital camera. Some top-notch cell phones are equipped with high pixel cameras which can capture high-quality pictures and video shoots also.


  • Our cell phones have extensible storage capacity which allows its users to store multiple files in their phones. Today, most of the cell phones have storage capacity of more than 8 GB of memory.


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