Battery Replacement For Cell Phones

Steve Hughes
Last updatedApril 28, 2014

The liife of your cell phone battery depends on the amount of toll that it receives every day. New iPhone and android apps are downloaded every day which means cell phone batteries are bound to wear out ahead of time. Even though cell phone batteries are marked with an expiry date, chances are that your battery might give up before time.

Here are some signs which indicate that you need to install a new battery in your cell phone.

Automatic switching off

In case that your phone displays 100 percent battery capacity even if your battery has only a few minutes of charges left in it, it is a clear cut sign of a worn-out battery. With such expiring batteries, your phones will switch off automatically even after charging it for long periods of time.


Reduced standby time

A phone may be fully charged but the battery level can reduce quickly if you are addicted to surfing the internet, playing games, watching videos, listening to music and even chatting for long durations. However, if you hardly use your phone and still can’t give you a day’s standby time on a full charge, it is a sign that your battery is nearing its end.


Swollen battery

You are putting your phone at a great risk if the battery is swollen as it might leak at any moment and damage your phone. That is why you should immediately shut down your phone and turn it on only after you have replaced your battery.


Hard spots on the battery

You can easily test for a hard spot in your battery. Just remove the battery from your phone and check for hard spots by squeezing it. You should know that you battery life is nearing its end if your battery has a hard spot.


Battery that generates excessive heat

When a lithium ion battery gets easily heated while charging or during usage of your device, it is a sign of an expiring battery. Such batteries producing excessive heat have to be replaced. However, a nickel cadmium battery usually gets heated during charging.


Damages caused by water

You should know that most of the cell phones have an indicator strip which will change its color when exposed to water. What you should do is, compare your cell phone battery with other batteries of the same kind and check to see if the strip color has changed or not. Changed color indicates that your battery has been damaged.


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