Benefits Of Unlocking Your Cell Phone

Steve Hughes
Last updatedMarch 31, 2014

Andy Thomas, a friend of mine, wanted to switch his cell phone service provider to T-mobile about 3 months ago. Likewise, Stuart Wilson, one of my cousins, was going abroad and he wanted to avoid paying international roaming fees. Remarkably, it turned out that both of them required phone unlocking. Yes, that is all they needed to do!

Cell phone unlocking is just like opening a locker at your school or in the gym. To unlock a locker, you need to insert the right locker combination. Similarly, cell phone unlocking is done by inserting an exclusive code number which is called a cell phone unlock code or a subsidy unlock code. Once you unlock your phone, you will be able to explore all the benefits that were hidden from you. Here are some major benefits of unlocking your cell phone.


Eliminate roaming charges

Roaming fees are the extra charges that you need to pay when leave your network carrier’s zone or travel abroad. By unlocking your phone, you can insert local SIM card of the place you are traveling, pay local rates as low as $0.10 per minute and get a local phone number that your friends and family can call you at. Just like that, you can get rid of all your roaming charges while you travel abroad.


Service provider options

By unlocking your phone, you will be able to use a service provider of your liking such as T-Mobile, AT&T or any other local service provider. Carrier restriction or a SIM lock on your phone is removed after it has been unlocked. This is how you can use your favorite piece of handset on the network carrier that provides service at the cheapest rates. This is why, majority of users are tempted to phone unlocking.


Resale Value

We all know how some people can get obsessed with their cell phone. They sell their cell phones when they get tired of the ones they have so that they can buy a brand new set altogether. This is where unlocking a cell phone comes in handy. A cell phone at an unlocked state is much more valuable than when it is locked. You can increase the value of your cell phone to double its original resale value if you sell it after unlocking. So, the bottom line is, unlock your phone when you are about to sell it and earn extra cash.


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