BlackBerry Repair Services


BlackBerry Display Repair

Do you have a BlackBerry that has a cracked screen? Or do you see half of an image floating around your display screen? Whatever the problem is with your blackberry, just bring it to our store and we will fix it right in front of you in just no time at all!!!


BlackBerry Back Cover/Housing Replacement

Does your Blackberry have a horrible back cover or front housing? Are there too many scratches in your phone that makes you feel embarrassed? Good News folks! The days of tension are over. BC Wireless provides you one-stop-store of original back/front covers to complement your needs of housing.


BlackBerry Keyboard Repair/Replacement

There are times when your BlackBerry’s keyboard buttons stops working or it becomes difficult to press the key. If you are having similar problems, don’t worry. These problems are not unusual for BlackBerry users. So you may be thinking, what next? Well you can stop by our shop – BC Wireless. We can repair any kinds of malfunctioned or damaged keyboard. If you like we can also arrange a new original keyboard too.

Keyboards of BlackBerry we replace/repair:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9930
  • BlackBerry P’9981
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • Other old Models of BlackBerry

BlackBerry Battery Repair/Replacement

Having problems with the untrustworthy battery of your BlackBerry? Visit BC Wireless to match up your needs for new battery or repair services. With our stock of original batteries for most of the Smartphone like BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC, we assure you a new experience with your BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Water Damage Repair Service

Water spillage in your BlackBerry can’t be fun at all. It can damage various components of your phone like keyboard, screen, charging port etc. Don’t lose it just now. BC Wireless is here for you. We provide a prompt BlackBerry water damage relief service that will exceed your imagination. Bring your phone to our store and we will test every parts of your phone. Then, we will send you a quote with the list of parts that can be repaired or that needs to be replaced. Total estimated cost will be also mentioned in the quote.

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Note: We will only start our repair works after you confirm our quote. So no charge would be placed before that.