iPhone 7

Some Of The Biggest Problems With iPhone 7

Millions of people desperately waited for iPhone 7 launch. There were thousands of pre booking of the iPhone 7 before it was launched.When Apple launches its latest phone of iPhone series, there are always long queues of Apple fans waiting at the Apple carrier store. Same happened when Apple launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in September 2017. IPhone lovers bragged about its thinness,  better camera, its water resistance capacity and all other positive features of the iPhone 7.  However, there were some missing or features that made people disappointed.  There are some major ones. End of 3.5mm…

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Brain of your smartphone

System on Chip: Brain of Your Smartphone

Your smartphone functions because of the processor or System on Chip (SoC). It is regarded as the brain of the cell which helps in the functioning of everything from touchscreen display to games and apps to music. There are different types of SoCs namely exynos, snapdragon, mediatek, and many more. Let us know few basics about some popular processors: Exynos: The Exynos is one of the popular SoCs and is made by Samsung. Among different types of chips under the flagship of Exynos, the popular one comes with octa-core. The four smaller cores in the chip handle light task whereas…

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Latest Android Apps

App developers throughout the world are incessantly at work. Why? They want you to make your life easier, smarter, safer and full of fun. Everyday a new app hits the market and it is really hard to keep track on them. Some of them are really helpful for mankind whereas few just make a noise resulting nothing. We have highlighted some of the best and latest Android apps: WalletHub: Probably, it is one of the most useful apps that deal with your finance. WalletHub is a simple app that helps to check your credit status. It provides you with credit…

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Future Of Smartphone

Future Of Smartphone: A Matter To Wait

The features in smartphones are changing the world or you can say the world is changing with the change in mobile technology. Users consider smartphone as a pocket mini-computer. Besides call and text, it is a source of entertainment, medium for web browsing, a perfect device to capture high quality pictures and many more.

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Technology: Determining Future Of The World

People are deeply attached to their mobile phone and feel incomplete without it. Hand set turned out to be everything for every single user. You feel insure without it because it keeps you connected with the world.

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