Broken iPhone screen-not exactly a nightmare

Steve Hughes
Last updatedDecember 30, 2014

Now or then, you are going to face the catastrophe. You’ll drop your iPhone. You’ll feel an awful crack in your phone which has the famous Apple logo in the back. And yeah, your broken iPhone screen will leave you shattered, cursing and howling to yourself.

Clearly, a damaged iPhone display is a disaster. Yet a harmed screen does not mean you ought to keep utilizing the same touch-unresponsive phone. You surely can use a broken iPhone screen as an excuse to upgrade to the latest iPhone. But the question remains, do you really want your beloved Smartphone to be a trash? Here are some solutions to your hows and whys regarding your cracked iPhone screen.


What to do after you crack your iPhone screen?

Phone disasters are inevitable. So, what should you do after you crack your iPhone screen?

Before you search for the options to repair your broken iPhone screen, you can think about the following points:

Severity and Cause:

Find out the severity of the crack after you notice it for the first time in your iPhone.  Broken LCD may not always be the result of an accident, so you must determine the possible causes behind its downfall.

For instance, a broken screen may get worse when you carry your phone at the bottom of your purse or bag. The constant weight of other items in the bag may develop a small crack into a bigger one.

Continued use:

If you think the broken screen won’t hinder the usability of your iPhone, and you can prevent the crack from growing, it is okay to use the unrepaired iPhone.  But what you need to keep in your mind is- the bigger the crack gets, the more chance there is that the repair will include whole LCD replacement.

Personally, what I would suggest is- delay the repair only if the crack is minor, the rest is at your own risk.

Repair estimate:

After you decide that your phone needs to be cured, get an estimate of the  total cost required to fix your phone. How?

Firstly, find out if your cell phone’s screen needs a full, semi or partial replacement. Apple repair store or any repair representative can be your helping guide in this case.

The cost of repairing your broken screen in an apple store or any local store will be discussed in the latter half of this blog.

Carrier insurance:

Normally, Apple’s warranty policy doesn’t cover accidental damages like cracked/broken screen. On a positive note, your carrier’s insurance policy may contain provisions for such damages.

What can be the options for repairing a broken iPhone screen?

If you think repairing jobs are as easy as plucking a flower from the garden, then probably you need to get a life! IPhone screen is not an ordinary glass. They are capacitive touch screens which connect to the brain of your iPhone. Thus, none of the repair and maintenance options are cheap as you think.

Option 1: The Apple Store

If you have bought AppleCare insurance plan, the Apple Company will replace your cracked iPhone screen in just $49! Otherwise, it will cost you in the range of $150-$200. Ouch, isn’t it a hefty amount? For AppleCare service, you need to pay $99 upfront. You would still have to spend $49 as the actual maintenance cost.

The only advantage of calling up Apple for the help is to confirm the validity of your warranty card.

Option 2: The Local Fix

You have a lot of alternatives in the city of New York to repair your broken iPhone. In addition to small repair shops, you also can find booths in the mall to get your cell phone repaired. Yes, the price may vary within various repair shops, but they surely will solve your problem of cracked iPhone. Isn’t your iPhone worth for pondering few shops? I guess it is.

Remember: your warranty promised by the Apple store will no longer be valid after your phone is repaired by outsiders.

Option 3: Do It Yourself

DIY kit will cost you around 20 to 60 dollars. You may think DIY may be your deal if you are super geeky. BUT, it is not as easier as iPhone geeks think it is.  You may end up facing a disaster if the kit you possess has no instructions and the prying tool (tool to open screws of your phone) in the kit is broke.

Pry toolkit includes-

  • Philips #000 screwdriver
  • Pentalobe iPhone screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • A spudger

How to replace the cracked/broken screen by yourself?

Things You’ll need:

  • Plastic pry tool
  • Paper clip
  • Replacement screen


  1. Insert the end of the paper clip into the little opening on the base of the phone. This will discharge a little tray and SIM card will pop out, keep it aside.
  2. Make your iPhone face down and use the pry device at the base bit of plastic. That will make base plastic to slide off the gadget, uncovering a part secured with a metallic guard.
  3. Remove the three screws at the top of the metal guard with the help of Phillips #000 screwdriver.
  4. Insert the pry tool in the joint between the back case of the phone and the edge. Slide the pry around the case of the phone to take the back out from the casing.
  5. Gently pull the ribbon with the prior device. That ribbon connects the front part to the back and it should be disconnected in the process.
  6. Outside edge of the case contains ten screws; remove them with the available screwdriver. Then remove other three screws which connect square-shaped motherboard (silver in color) to the bottom of the iPhone.
  7. Lift the motherboard out of its slot. Motherboard is connected to the battery by four wires. You need to remove the battery gently along with the circuit card.
  8. Take the metal frame out from the screen. Then, pop the three clips on each side of the screen. The broken screen is then free from your iPhone. Keep the damaged screen away from your kids, or better throw it to the trash.
  9. Finally, you can attach the new screen to your beloved iPhone. Reconnect and rejoin the iPhone in the same way you took it apart.

Tips for performing the repair by yourself

Here are the tips which may help you in replacing the broken screen yourself:

  1. Keep screws and other small parts safely while disjoining your iPhone.
  2. If you use a heat gun, move tools or parts away from the workspace.
  3. Be gentle while separating the components of your iPhone.
  4. Keep the broken screen away from the reach of kids.


How to protect your iPhone Screen?

If you want to increase the usability of your iPhone, keeping it in a top shape is a must. . Taking care of your iPhone will surely prevent the damages that may occur on your iPhone screen.

Keep your LCD screen clean

Broken screen won’t only mean cracks in the glass. Scratches and stains on your iPhone which makes your touch unresponsive can also be termed as ‘broken’.

A LCD screen requires a regular and gentle wipe-off to remove the dust and keep it scratch-free. Whenever your iPhone screen is affected by oil or dirt, make a mixture of distilled water and alcohol (equal portion) and wipe the surface with a soft fabric.

Uses of the followings are discouraged by iPhone repair specialists:

  • Ammonia-based cleanser
  • Window or glass cleaners
  • Rough clothes
  • Paper towels.

Use a protective Screen film  

Use of the screen film on your phone saves your branded phone from regular wear –and-tears (scratches and tints) Screen film stands as a thin and transparent guard to your phone. It has a stick-on side and is applied on the surface of the screen.

Implying it on your iPhone LCD eliminates the need for screen scratch repair. Moreover, screen film can be peeled off and replaced with a new one whenever you want.  Doing so will obviously reduce the chance of your iPhone screen being broken.

Avoid dropping the phone

You have right to argue saying none drops their phone intentionally. But you can’t deny the fact that  it is you who should care your belongings like the iPhone. When your phone accidentally falls down, the polarized panels of your iPhone break along with the liquid crystal solution. Broken boards of iPhone cause distortion on the screen. Avoid carrying your cell when you don’t need it.

Extra silicone or plastic barriers can protect the surface from dents, dings, and scratches. Keeping your phone in the pocket creates unnecessary pressure on it. Some iPhone cases are available in markets which are shock-resistant. Such cases protect mobile phones from the effects of low falls.

Broken iPhone screen will no longer depress you if you replace the damaged screen as soon as possible. Moreover, it is always better to get your screen protected rather than curing it later.

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