Cell phone repair in NYC is much quicker with BC wireless

Steve Hughes
Last updatedFebruary 18, 2014


Do you have a cracked cell phone’s screen? Do you need to get your I-phone unlocked? Are you looking for some quick cell phone repair in NYC? Answers to all above questions are with BC Wireless; an ultimate solution for all your cell phone related problems.We specialize in quick cell phone repair in New York City. We have been in business for a long time and that is the reason why we understand urgency of cell phones getting repaired. A single problem in your cell phone results is losing out contact with important people, inability of receiving emergence calls and many more. We have a team of dedicated and expert technicians who put in all their efforts to repair your cell phone as soon as possible and in an appropriate manner. We try to enhance and increase your cell phone’s performance or at least try to make it perform like before.  What else than Cell Phone Repair In NYC does BC Wireless Offer? Apart from cell phones, we also have expertise in repairing any kind of handheld gadgets. We can fix almost every problem related to your phone. Let’s find out what we do other than cell phone repairs:

1. Unlock Cell Phone We have trained experts who have the understanding of all kinds of lock system be it country lock, carrier lock, SIM lock and many more. If in case you have to unlock your cell phone, our experts first try to understand your cell phone’s firmware installation and the lock type and then start unlocking it. Most of the times, we unlock your cell phone while you wait.

2. Unlock I-phones I-phone unlocking has become a major activity for most of the cell phone repair centre in New York City to earn money. Unlike any other cell phone repair companies, we follow the safest method to unlock your device at a reasonable price.

Why choose BC Wireless for unlock and Cell Phone Repair In NYC?

1. Instant repair 2. Safe and affordable unlocks 3. Expert technicians 4. Affordable rates (No hidden charges) 5. Free estimates 6. Proper replacement of parts with genuine ones (If required) We at BC Wireless repair your cell phone with utmost sincerity. We assure you to provide a guaranteed service. So please feel free to contact us for any kind of Unlocking or Cell Phone repair in NYC or dial 212-725-3200 for free estimates.

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