9 Cell Phone Repair Myths You Should not Believe But You Are!

Last updatedDecember 16, 2014

Every now and then, I hear a legion of electronic repair complaints floating around the society. And the reason being – there are some fly-by-night phone repair centers that only run after your dollars.

However, I’m not pointing my fingers on anyone. There are good repair shops around. But we have to admit we do make mistake while selecting the legitimate one. What we do is we start making our own assumptions (so called MYTHS) from our faults.

Listed below are top 9 cell phone repair myths that most of us have heard many times in our lives.

    • Cell Phone Repair Store Replaces Your Original Parts

      Over the years, I have heard many faulty claims or comments (so as to speak genuinely) about repair stores smuggling the original parts from the phones. Seriously? I mean what will they do with your old parts? Yeah! You may think they can buy a new Ferrari with it, don’t you? Jokes apart, all these claims makes no sense.

      Professional Tip: If you have zero faith on your cell phone repair service, it’s better to opt for a store that provides walk in and repair services.

    • Cell Phone Repair Center Hacks Your Data

      Unless you are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or some well known figure, no one is going to run after your personal account. So don’t worry about your data being hacked from your phone.

      To be honest, you really don’t have control upon creepy cyber-criminals that hunt for data hacking opportunities. It may sound bias to you, but I don’t believe that phone repair professionals are such low-life perverts to hack your personal accounts.

      However, you must be fully secured from your side too. Create a back up for your files on your desktop or laptop, and delete all the data, before reaching out to mobile repair shops. Now, the question may arise about the water damaged phones. How can we create a backup file for water damaged phones, right? There is a high possibility that you can make your wet phone work for an instance by applying certain methods. Relax; it’s not rocket science!

      Professional Tip: When it comes to selecting a cell phone repair shop, be a little picky. Don’t go for random searches. Choose the store that has the experience and reputation of dealing with complicated tasks like yours.


    • Only Certified Technicians Can Fix Your Cell Phone

      No Big Document” is required to own a cell phone repair center, unless you are in California. To meet the requirements of certification, you need to indulge into repair training schools and waste tons of dollars. Would you do that? No, I guess. On the other hand, there are various repair stores with savvy technicians that can fix your phone without any error. They got better and better from their researches and heavy practices on the field. Trust me; some of them are even better than your certified technicians.

      Professional Tip: When it comes to repair shops, I have to admit there are few cheap cons. Therefore, you must always check the online reviews of the cell phone repair center you are thinking of hiring.


    • Cost of Repairing is Way off the Budget

      The cost of cell phone repairing is one of the controversial topics in the tech market. However, saying that the cost is way off the budget is a little lame. Since every distinct repair store have own range of prices, it’s hard to tell the exact value of a service.

      “On a survey, data showed that an average cost to repair an iPhone 5 is $109.  If you can find new iPhone 5 in that budget, please I would love to get it too.”

      On the other hand, the reputation & efficiency of the store plays a major role on deciding the price factor. Also, the thing you have to consider is the amount of damage your phone has gone through. So until and unless a technician starts digging on your mobile, it’s hard to predict the value of your phone.

      Professional Tip: Get a quote from at least 3 repair stores with their goodwill and experience on the mind.


    • Cell Phone Repair Shops Utilizes Duplicate Replacement Parts

      The myth of replacement parts depends on the research and choices you make. As far as I know, every legit store out there uses original parts to replace the damage parts of your phones. How do I know that? Ask for a written warranty for that part. Every authorized repair stores must give you a guarantee or warrantee for their parts or replacement.

      Professional Tip: Always ask for a warranty card on your replacement.


    • Only the Original Manufacturer can Repair or Service Your Cell Phone

      Let me get one thing straight, repair store and your so called manufacturer don’t possess much of a difference when it comes to repair service. If you have got everything working and just require simple diagnostic service, you can refer to your manufacturer. However, if the phone has internal damages or anything else, a cell phone repair center is your best option.

      Professional Tip: When you can get the error free service on a lower price, which would you go for? The ball is on your court, toss it up.


    • Water Damaged Phones Can Never Be Repaired

      Cell phones dropped in the bathroom and coffee spilled into the phone is the most common scenarios of cell phone damages. It’s true that liquid substances are not good for cell phones. However, thinking that water damaged phone is useless and can never be like the same is a total myth.

      With the help of a quick professional service, you will be able to play your “candy crush” on your phone again.

      Professional Tip: Quick response is the order of the day. Before the water destructs the IC, contact your local phone maintainer.


    • You will lose the Warranty if the Third Party Fixes Your Cell Phone

      Well, you have to remember one thing about warranty card that is; it never comes with a guarantee, right? If you have an iPhone or Samsung that has passed the age of 1 year, it’s probably time to say goodbye to the warranty. The warranty also does not cover the liquid damages or any accidental damages. When you take your phone to the service providers, they do anything to convince you to replace your phone and I guess you don’t want that, do you?

      On the other hand, a repair store respects the value of your old phone, and they give their level best to put your cell phone in the condition it was eventually.

      Professional tip: Toss up your cell phone problems to a technician and let him give you another year of guarantee on the repair he makes.


  • I can Fix My Cell Phone Myself

    I don’t know if it is the arrogance or the little tech knowledge that makes the guy think he can fix the phone on his own. One has to understand that things do not run that way. Ask any repair technician of your choice about his/her biggest challenge. More than half of them will surely tell this: Customers buy parts online and start working on the engineer part and when they fail, they come up with a bag full of scraps.

    We are not discouraging any DIY-ers, but don’t you think you are risking something very valuable for a training session?

    Professional Tip: Let the job of professionals be handled by someone who has the knowledge about it, Okay?


Enough of talks. I guess now you know what you have to do next time you bolt out for a phone repair. I hope this post was helpful for the cell phone users out there. Thanks for your patience and please if you could just share it on your Facebook or tweet, it would mean a ton to me.

Let us know how you feel about it on the comments below. Your feedbacks will be highly appreciated!


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