Cell Phone Repair in New York City

phone-repair-nycCell phone repair has come a long way over the years. Along with the advancements in cell phone technologies and the unlimited features you get with it comes a hefty price tag that makes your cell phones a valuable possession you never wish to part from. For this reason, our cell phone repair technicians at BC Wireless in NYC are aware of the need to repair damaged and broken cellphone with great care and expertise. They are experts in repairing your valuable cell phone very quickly and at a very affordable price.

BC Wireless has been established over the years among the most trusted and reliable cell phone repair centers in New York City. Since its establishment, it has been a number one choice for phone repairs for many New Yorkers. We have maintained great customer satisfaction levels through our repair service.

For immediate cell phone repairs in NYC, dial BC Wireless customer service
(212) 725–3200.

It is inevitable that your expensive hand set may suffer unwanted damage from circumstances you never foresaw. Although everybody gears up to work carefully everyday, accident do happen sooner or later. You cannot remain focused on taking care of your phone all the time and you never know when you may need a cell phone repair service. If you have been a victim of any of such dreadful circumstances leading to your phone being damaged and are seeking a reliable, efficient and affordable cell phone repair in NYC, then BC Wireless in New York City is the first place you need to consider.

Besides our extravagant cell phone repair services, we also provide tailor-made solutions for all kinds of iphone unlocking problems.

Our Other Services

Troubleshooting apps

BC Wireless is one of the finest cell phone repair services in NYC. We repair all versions of iPhone and Android devices in New York City.

Cell Phone Unlock

Contact BC Wireless if you want to unlock your cell phones in NYC. Most of the time we are able to unlock your phones the moment you come to us.

iphone unlock

Our technicians at BC Wireless specialize in I-Phone Unlock services in NY. I-Phone incorporates all the features necessary to make it one amongst the best smart phones in the world.

Passport Photo Service

BC wireless has added a new service for you. We have just launched our brand new passport photo service in NYC.