Future Of Smartphone: A Matter To Wait

Future Of Smartphone
Stefan Green
Last updatedApril 20, 2017

The features in smartphones are changing the world or you can say the world is changing with the change in mobile technology. Users consider smartphone as a pocket mini-computer. Besides call and text, it is a source of entertainment, medium for web browsing, a perfect device to capture high quality pictures and many more.

Smartphones were introduced in the market around two decades back and since then people are expecting more and more from it. Everyone is interested in the future of smartphones. How it would be?

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality or AR is a technology on which extensive research is still going on. The technology superimposes the real sound, image or feel with computer generated sensory input. In other words, users are provided with more information by AR and this information is combined with computer data to perceive the real world.

The app called ‘augmented car finder’ is its best example. The app is helpful in finding the location of the vehicle where it is parked. It easily finds out the distance between you and your car. Most of these apps use Global Positioning System (GPS). It is believed that AR will bring another revolution in the mobile world in coming days.

Flexible and foldable screens:

If you are movie addict and like gaming, then foldable screens of mobile set will perfectly serve your purpose as it can be unfolded larger. Thanks to organic light emitting diode technology for this. In other words, mobile phones with flexible screens mean you are carrying a small television set in your pocket!

Mobile with projector:

Well, if you are not satisfied with flexible screens and want more, then in-built projector will serve you the best. It helps you to project the image up to 50 inches at 15 lumens. Some of such mobiles are already in the market but much developed form is still on the progress.

The feature might challenge television as it just requires flat surface to watch image or video. Isn’t it interesting?

Holographic projection:

Some of the mobile companies already introduced 3D smartphones and now most of the companies are working on holographic projections. It is a combination of 3D features and projection from smartphone. The technology integrates 3D displays with elements of movements with the phone. For instance, by using your hands to pull or compress the holographic photos that appear in the screen, you can resize the pictures.

The future of smartphones cannot be limited within aforementioned features. There is lot more things to come in future and these are some of the features that are in process of further advancement whereas some of them are already available. The future of smartphone is really exciting for anyone and a matter of wait at the same time.

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