Google’s Nexus 5 Exchange Offer: Reality or Just another Rumor

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Last updatedSeptember 08, 2014

Apparently, we have been seeing a gradual hype on the rumors stating that – Google is ready to exchange a brand new Nexus 5 in place of your broken/damaged Nexus 5 for FREE!!! — bought via Google Play Store. Though Google seems to completely deny such reports, few still believe that the offer is all set to get legit sooner rather than later.

The buzz of offers took swirling direction to the market prior to a post from Joshua D, Google+ user. In the post, Joshua claims that Google has started a new Nexus 5 exchange offer from Sept 2 and has been guaranteed that he will receive a replacement of his screen damaged phone.

As of that date, operators at BC wireless has been on their toes just to get to the core of this mysterious account. Most of our researches have concluded that it’s most likely to be just another rumor as mentioned by one of the Google’s representatives. But, you never know it can also be one of those luck of the draw kind of thing. So, the dice would be worth of throwing.

It can also be one of those strategies adapted by cell phone companies like HTC and Motorola to swap away the legion amount of devices from their store. Since, Nexus 5 has been on the market for nearly a year and the new Nexus 6 could be just around the corner, it can be a nice little trick to clean away the stockpile.

But, you still have to think why would the Search Giants do that? Why would they exchange it for free? The rumor can be very debatable. As far as Google’s exchange or re-fund policy is concerned, it still doesn’t utter anything that would confirm the claim to be true.

According to Google’s Return/Re-fund policy – There is no such thing as Exchange”. Plus, your device purchased through Google Play Store is applicable for refund policy only within 15 days of your purchase. After the device is received from Google, it undergoes a thorough trial to check if the phone was defected before or after the use. Only then, you will be liable to receive the refund of not-so-your Nexus 5.

It is corroborate that Google hasn’t made this offer official till this date, but still for  your own morale satisfaction, give Google a call and see if your phone qualifies for the offer or not.

Although the claim remains to be suspicious and invalid, there are ways that can get your Nexus 5 or any other cell phone devices back to working phase. Contacting with a reliable cell phone repair shop is one of the best ways possible to get your precious cell phone back to the condition it was previously.

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