How Siri Makes Your Work Easy?

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Last updatedOctober 20, 2014

When Apple launched iPhone 4s with IOS 5 operating system in 2011, I personally was very excited for the next big thing. Although the development weren’t as convincing as the expectations, there were few things that caught my eye.

You must have noticed that before iPhone 4s, you had voice control software that could change your words into action. But with iPhone 4s, we saw a well programmed & intelligent personal assistant known as Siri who could not only covert words into action but also could perform it in a swift manner. If you are completely unaware of the abilities of Siri, the below functions of Siri will blow your mind away:

  • Read/Search Emails: It’s obviously too boring when you have to go through your emails regularly, isn’t it? But with Siri, you can throw these problems in the garbage. You can ask siri to read your emails just by saying read my emails. And he/she will read the heading & content of your emails. Sounds good, right?


  • Turn Features On/Off: Though the development of IOS 8 has brought down the features like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, airplane mode etc on the home screen, it’s always best if someone does it for you. So now you can order Siri to turn on or off the features for you and they will do it instantly.


  •  Movie Suggestion: May be you want to watch a movie but have no idea of what is going on the Hollywood world. So what now? Well you can ask Siri to search it for you. You can ask Siri like “find horror movies to watch” and it will search the movies.


  • Social Media Updates: How easy the life would have been if you didn’t have to type for the feelings you wanted to share on Facebook, Right? Good News folks!!! Just say hello to Siri. Ask Siri to Post, I’m in NYC right now on Facebook and bingo !!! Now wait for likes and comments.


  • Exact Pronunciation: Different tribes of people have different accent. So it’s always best to teach Siri to start pronouncing the name in the exact way you want him/her to pronounce. First tell Siri, ‘Learn to pronounce name (you, friend or anyone). Siri will then provide you with 3 options to choose from. Then simply choose the one that fits your style of pronunciation.


  • Find ETA: You can ask Siri for ETA if you want to know the time it takes to reach your destination. Siri will estimate the time by analyzing the traffic and route changes.


  • Play with Siri: It’s too much fun to play with Siri if you are bored. Ask few random questions to Siri and look what he/she says. You will simply laugh you sense out by listening to some of his/her replies.


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