How to Keep your Smartphone Clean?

Last updatedJune 26, 2015

Smartphone is the call of this technological century. According to Statistics, the number of Smartphone users in the U.S is supposed to increase to 196 million by 2016. But do we give it the care it deserves? One question to all my fellow Smartphone users – Do you keep your Smartphone Clean?

As quoted by a popular superhero – With great power come great responsibilities. When you have this beautiful technological product (Smartphone) in your hands, you want to care for it like your baby. This is why we are presenting to you the tips to keep your Smartphone clean & safe.


Cleaning the Screen

Screen, or some may know it as display, is a sensible part of Smartphone. It’s like sense organs of human body. If you can’t feel anything, there is no use of living, isn’t it?

So let’s start with cleaning the screen:

  • Like any sensible guy, first turn off your device and remove your phone’s battery. If you are carrying an iPhone, or any other mobile device with an inbuilt/ fixed battery, switching off the phone is sufficient.


  • Wipe off the screen gently with a soft cotton cloth to remove any smears. Never go hard with the screen, as it’s the most delicate part of your phone. Dab it with only a small amount of pressure.


  • If smudge persists, spray light amount of vinegar solution and try wiping it off. However, it’s recommended not to use any type of liquid products. So use it only if you feel it’s necessary.


  • Now, let the Smartphone screen dry naturally. Providing artificial heat is strictly prohibited.


Cleaning your Phone’s Keypad and Ports

Now, there are various Smartphone’s that have keypads attached to it like blackberry. Don’t forget that these parts are highly prone to dirt accumulation. If you’ve ever disassembled your phone, you may have found a layer of dust building up inside your Phone’s Keyboards and Ports.

Follow these easy tips to clean up your phone’s keyboards and ports

  • Like I said at the beginning, get your basic works right, switch off the phone, take out the battery and unplug any external power sources.


  • Use a dry, lint-free cloth and start mopping the Phone’s keys and ports. This process will take away any external dirt particles.


  • Now for those internal dirt particles, you can blow compress air that ejects the particles outside.


Things to Avoid Before Cleaning Your Smartphone

  • Never use liquid cleaning products to clean your phone, as it can damage your phone permanently.
  • Never allow moisture to enter into any opening
  • Never use abrasive cloth, tissues or paper towels.
  • Never use spray cleaners directly, as it may have the risk of entering the openings.
  • Never use any heating product like hairdryer on your device.


So here it is, some basic tips to clean your Smartphone like an expert. Please be cautious before getting involved in the task.


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