How to Protect Your Phone Screen

Ethan Barnes
Last updatedMarch 21, 2016

Your phone is one of your most valued possessions. You love it and can’t see it damaged. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and it can happen with you phone. While no one can stop accidents, you can take prevention measures to protect your phone. As they say in technical globe, the easiest way to repair your device is to not break it at all. But in practical field it’s just a false claim. Cell phones are highly vulnerable to any kind of falls so you need to avoid your phone from falling. Here are some other tips to protect your phone.

Use screen protectors

Use of the screen protectors on your phone saves your branded phone from regular wear –and-tears (scratches and tints). Screen protector stands as a thin and transparent guard to your phone. It has a stick-on side and is applied on the surface of the screen.

Implying it on your phone LCD eliminates the need for screen scratch repair. Moreover, screen film can be peeled off and replaced with a new one whenever you want.  Doing so will obviously reduce the chance of your phone screen being broken.

Cell phone cases

They will protect the phone from fall damage better than anything else. There are varieties of cases available in the market which could sustain the damage of your phone during its fall. It not only creates a shield for your phone but also keeps your screen dirt free. You can get it easily in the market and make your phone protected. Most cases are open to the screen, so that the user can see who is calling when the phone rings without removing the phone from the case.

Handle with care

This may seem obvious but you need to handle your phone carefully in order to protect it from physical damage. Be gentle while using it and use it with care. No one drops their phone intentionally, but keep in mind that you are the one who is responsible of your possessions. Do not tap your phone with any sharp objects or bang it to make it work if it’s being laggy.

Keep your LCD screen clean

A LCD screen requires a regular and gentle wipe-off to remove the dust and keep it scratch-free. Whenever your phone screen is affected by oil or dirt, make a mixture of distilled water and alcohol (equal portion) and wipe the surface with a soft fabric.

Mobile phones will be dropped, poked, rattled against keys, and otherwise abused. This blog has provided several methods to mitigate the possible damage. You can purchase required accessories on a local store. Utilize the above tips. Better be safe than sorry!

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