iPhone Repair/Replacement Service


Glass and LCD Replacement

Do you have an iPhone with a LCD/glass cracked? Or are you having problem in sorting out the blur image in your phone? No matter what the reason is behind the malfunctioning of your iPhone’s screen, BC Wireless is here to help!!! Partner our professional team of technicians who guarantees that you no longer have to face the problematic situation of Cracked Screen again.


Back Cover Replacement

Did you accidently burst or scratched your iPhone back cover? Are you using a flip cover to hide the broken back of your iPhone? Well the good news is BC Wireless is here for you so throw the pressures away folks!!! BC Wireless is responsible to deliver you the fresh back cover so that you would feel like you have obtained a brand new iPhone.


Camera Repair/Replacement

It feels really horrible when you can’t utilize one of the most proficient features of iPhone Camera. Having issues with taking pictures? Is the camera crashing every single time you open it? Or is it cracked? Remember one name BC wireless!!!
Just bring your iPhone to our store and we will fix it promptly. If it needs replacement, we will provide you face-to-face replacement service too!! After that you can enjoy taking picture in selfie mode or normal camera mode.


Water Damage Repair

Over the years, we have overcome legion amount of iPhone water damage problems. Did you spill water, beverages or any type of liquid products in your iPhone? Or did you drop it in your bathroom. We understand this kind of incidents gives you a mere panic attack especially if you consider your iPhone as your baby. But you don’t have to worry anymore as BC wireless is there for you!!!

Let our expert technicians handle the task of water damage diagnostic process on your device. We will seek out the parts that needs to be diagnosed and the parts that is still working. Then we will send you a quote listing the repair parts requirements, cost & time for completion. Don’t worry we won’t charge you even a single penny if your device can’t be repaired. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and avoid your precious iPhone from being a useless product.

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Battery Replacement

Does the battery of your iPhone dies after a continual run of just 1 hour on an app? Then probably your device needs a battery replacement NOW!!! Let our professionals at BC Wireless replace a new battery for you. Partner us and Join the elite club of our over-whelmed customers who no longer have to suffer due to poor battery condition.


Charging Dock Repair/Replacement

Is your charger not supporting your iPhone? Does the charger works absolutely fine with other iPhone but creating difficulties in connecting with your device? Well that may be the cause of charge dock disorder. Calm down. We at BC Wireless are here for you. We have advance techs to check and repair your device charge dock. And if you need a replacement instead of repair, we also provide you with a top-notch dock replacement service.


Button Repair/Replacement

Buttons like power, home & volume plays a major role in making iPhone a Masterpiece. Suppose these keys stop working. How will you switch off/on your phone? Though the latest IOS updates give you luxury to access the volume and home key in its accessibility, it’s nothing like having an original one, Right??

Give BC Wireless a call and let our experienced technicians repair your iPhone buttons. Further we can also replace the buttons with a new Apple legit buttons.


Vibrator Replacement

Vibrators has a vital role to play during a silent mode. While you are in a meeting/conference, you don’t want to disturb your colleagues or companions by your iPhone ringtone. And, perhaps you also don’t want to miss a noteworthy call. So this is where the vibrators hit a top mark. Enjoy our vibrator replacement service and experience a good & diverse range of vibrations.


Speakers Repair/Replacement

Having problem with a crackling sound or a faded voice from your iPhone ear speaker? Are you sick of scratchy sound while playing music or activating loudspeaker mode during phone call? Feel free to call us now. We can repair the speakers of any condition. DON’T WANT TO REPAIR??? Well, we can also replace your damaged speakers with a brand new one. Now you can feel like you have a new iPhone in your hands.


Microphone repair

The significance of microphone can’t be underline at all. If you want to have conversations through your phone or send audio recordings to your beloved one in Social Medias, microphone makes it possible. So visit BC Wireless and solve all kinds of disrupted problems in your iPhone microphone. Here we give a 3 months guarantee on our repair services.