45 Incredible iPhone Tricks every iPhone Newbie Must Know

Last updatedJanuary 18, 2015

Discovering and exploring new iPhone features is a great way to add spice to your device interaction. However, finding new stuffs to increase the productivity of your iPhone can be a gigantic assignment.

You have to dig a bit deeper to get more of its potential & unless you are ready to spend hours reading a single Apple Manual, you have an enormous task in front of you.

I’ve been using iPhone for 4 years now, which helped me explore various ideas of using iPhone efficiently. I know how it feels to be the one who literally doesn’t have much of a clue about its functionality.

So today, I’m here to make things easy for you and walk you through this iPhone tricks and tips. Also, some of the tricks mentioned below may not be there in the manual, so stay sharp for what’s coming 😀

#Trick1 – Dial an Extension Directly from the Phone Dial Button

phone extension

Have you ever been in situation where you had to dial an extension number to get in touch with the customer support manager? Well, I have and it can be a real hassle, when you have to wait for the automated system to complete its sentence which may be like,” Hi! You have reached ABC and if you know the extension number please dial it.”

There is one simple trick though that can make your dialing process a little quicker and easier. First dial the number you want to call. Let’s assume the number is +123456. What you want to do is press the star button (*) and you will see a comma (,) appearing after the number. Now, just dial the extension number and you are set to go.

#Trick2 – Create a Hilarious Text to Respond During Phone Call


Did you know or not but iPhone has a special feature known as “Respond with Text” in its phone settings? Now this is where things get interesting. You can easily manipulate the text box and write whatever you want…

For example you can save text like: In serious conversation with Obama, can’t talk right now, or have a text full of stupid emotes. And when someone calls you, an icon stating message appears in the screen, tap into it and send the message… Trust me! The recipient will die laughing.



Utilize the Power of Accessibility

 When it comes to iPhone tricks, accessibility feature can be the most undervalued feature for most iPhone users. However, this small feature has a multi-billion function that can save your day!

#Trick3 – Use of Guided Access

guided access

Many iPhone users don’t even bother to trespass the ingenious field of Accessibility.  What they don’t know is that this feature can be extremely handy when you want your kids to stop pressing the folders you don’t want them to.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Set the Pass Code and turn on the accessibility shortcut. Now a layer is set on the screen and without the pass code it’s impossible to swap to other folders.

#Trick4 – Bully the Accessibility Shortcut

Yes! Bully can be a huge word, but this is what I guess you have to do to get the most out of this feature. Accessibility Shortcut is a creative tab that can decrease the time of your work. Just a mere triple click on the home button can help you build a configuration that you had to do from the
settings otherwise. Whether you want to Switch Control, trigger zooming mode, or activate Assistive Touch, just a triple click of home button can make it relatively easy.

#Trick5 – Make the Text Bolder and Larger


Your Helvetica Neue font can be your preferred choice, but it certainly is not the easiest font to read. If you are having trouble in accessing the text on your iPhone, its best to change the default size of your device. In addition to that, you can also make the text bolder or add button shapes to the tabs for clear visibility.

#Trick6 – Turn off Parallax to Avoid Motion Sickness

Traveling is a definite cause of parallax. But did you know that the parallax effect that is solely responsible for floating visualization can be an ultimate effect of a feature found in iPhone? Yes, you heard me there is a tab called Reduce Motion in your accessibility button that can result in motion sickness. You simply have to turn the function on to disable the effects & you are set to go.

#Trick7 – Screen Readers

With the latest upgrade in IOS, some of us may have difficulties accessing “Speak Selection.” When you activate this feature, Siri, the electronic voice in iPhones, will read the screen for you. Among the various functions of Siri, this aptitude is a unique selling proposition. To activate this feature, tap Setting > General > Accessibility > Speech. Now you are ready to activate your preferred selection mode.

Just pull up a cluster of emote symbols and let Siri speak through it. You will laugh your brains out! And yes, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection for screen reading option. Cool!

Camera and Pictures


Want to click a series of delightful photos?  I’ll teach you how. Follow on with this guide to make the most out of your camera for high quality pictures. Some of which you have heard and some may be new, but overall it’s a massive compilation of camera tricks.

#Trick8 – Use “Burst Mode” or “Panorama” to Capture Epic Moment

iPhone Burst mode

Grainy and blurry images have never been a good friend of mine. Want to make every moment beautiful? A burst mode can be a cool answer. Hold the shutter button and let the magic begin. In few seconds, you will have a collage of beautiful photos to choose from.

If you are hitting the road for a trip, you have another beautiful feature call Panorama to make your moment glorious. If you are not satisfied with the default function of Panorama, you can easily fix the problem by clicking the large arrow. This simple tweak helps you take the picture from the right rather than left.

Many may not know this but Panorama is very much valuable while you are in motion which means when you are riding on a car or something else.

#Trick9 – See the Original Picture within Editing Mode

Have you noticed that you can see a before and after of your photo within editing mode? While editing a photo, touch and hold the image, and it will show you the original image. So you can compare the changes you are making.

#Trick10 –  Adjust Camera’s Exposure

You may know that tapping anywhere in screen during camera mode adjusts the camera exposure. However, did you know that by sliding your finger up and down can adjust the exposure effectively?

#Trick11 – Use the Volume Button or Headphone to take Non-Blurry Images

We all have been taking pictures with the camera icon displayed in the screen. But I have a question here; do you always take clear pictures with your thumb? More often or not, you mess it up, right? What’s the solution you have? Well, you can take brilliant non-fuzzy images with the help of your headphone or volume up button. Now, you have a stable picture!

#Trick12 – Lock the Auto-Exposure and Auto-Focus

For an effective photo, you must have a right lighting effect. How to manage light? Well simply tap the screen during camera mode and you will see changes in the lights. Now, what to do after you get the right light you were aiming at? You can lock it so that it doesn’t change. How do you do it?

Pretty simple; just tap the screen and hold it till you see a yellow box (AE/AF Lock) appearing in the screen. Now click the picture and the camera goes back to its previous mode. If you don’t like the light, you can tap once to disable the lock.

Message & Email Properties

 Texting and Emailing has been a part of our day-to-day life. The first thing most of the people do after waking up in the morning is check their mails. This prioritizes its importance. Here is few tips for message & email that can increase your productivity.

#Trick13 – Use of Shortcuts for Easy Texting and Emails



Shortcuts can make your tedious task of repeating the same word over and over again tremendously easy. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Now you can give any short cut names to your repetitive words so that next time you don’t have to worry about writing the long sentence again!

#Trick14 – Get hold of your Photos from Messages

You can quickly save your photos received in the inbox of your iPhone. Simply tap details hold a photo you want to save, and select more. Select the photos and tap save. Now you can visit your photos app to see your picture.

#Trick15 – Quickly Undo your Typing


If you are a newbie to iPhone, it can be mind-numbing to delete all the text when you come up with a mistake. But wait! Here is a simple solution. 

There is an undo function that works perfectly when you mess up your writing. Simply shake your phone and an option will pop up in your screen that suggests Undo Typing, Undo, & Cancel. Select the one you want and get the desired result.

#Trick16 – Email content formatting:

adding importance to email content

Sometimes, you need to give more emphasis on your words while emailing certain business prospects. How do we do that? Fortunately, you have a simple go-to-way to italicize and bold email text that adds “Ump” factor to it.

Just highlight the text you want to format, you will see an arrow appearing just above it. You can then tap on the arrow button to make your text B/I/U. With a simple tweak you can easily change the appearance of your email content from just an email to yes the email.

#Trick17Message Preview Disable:

Want to put a double layer on your messages? A security key is always the favorable option, but you will see the notification of your messages even if your iPhone is locked. So how do you prevent it? Here is a way to avert others from reading your incoming message alerts during your absence. Go to

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview. There you can switch the preview option to turn off the feature and maintain the secrecy of your message.

#Trick18 – Get Bundles of Email Drafts by Just Pressing Compose Button

Flirting with high number of emails can be a hard task, especially when you receive tons of emails every day. Numerous times, we sent the emails to draft without even opening it. How often have you fallen in the trap where you have pushed your emails to draft just to know that the email was important?

If you are having the same problem, don’t worry, there is an easy way to get an access to the dark pit of email drafts. How? Just tap and hold the Compose button at the bottom-right corner of your iPhone and scan through the vast jungle of email drafts. Seems simple, right? Now it’s your turn.

Dig Deeper with Keyboard’s Potential

 As of now, we must have understood the basic functionality of keyboard. However, there are more to keyboard utility which you can leverage on.

#Trick19 – Double Space Ends the Sentence

Sometimes when we are in a flow of texting, we don’t want to tap into 123 Tab just to end a sentence. We always want a quick remedy and that’s exactly what you get with iPhone keyboard feature.  Did you know that a two space tap can end your sentence with a “Full Stop?” Just try it.

#Trick 20 – Playing with Numerical

iphone degree button

Did you also know that by pressing the numerical button (found at the bottom left corner) and dragging through the symbols to insert it does not only insert the symbol but also takes you back to the Text again making your work convenient?

Moreover, there are numerous symbols that you can’t find just in the simple 123 and #+= boxes. Just press zero (0) and see what it shows. Yesss! It‘s the degree symbol you will not find in the other boxes. Scroll through the other tabs and see what you can explore.

#Trick21 – More with Keyboard Function

Auto –Correction has always been a pain in the neck for me. Hence, I always recommend turning it off as you don’t want to end up sending a text that says “I’m doing Lauren” instead of saying “I’m doing laundry.” See those kind of auto-correct can get you in real trouble. Predictive is another vital function of this Keyboard. What it does is it assumes the text you are about to write and suggest you straight away. Hassle-free, isn’t it?

Surfing through the Jungle of Safari

Safari is a private browser owned by Apple that allows you to browse the web in a smart way. However, there are various ways you can make full utilization of this big “Jungle of Safari” rather than just a web surfing. Let’s get into this.

#Trick22 – Save Credit Card Info

It doesn’t matter if you have an iCloud Keychain Syncing feature, (it is a bridge to connect valuable information with iOS devices) Safari gives you a full protection of your credit card. With Safari Settings you can save usernames, passwords, & credit cards.

You can also take a picture of your credit card inside this feature. Go to Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill. Please note that, you need to have a strong password so do have a compelling pass code.

#Trick23 –  Search for words or phrases on one go:

The world never felt so small, right? With Smartphone in your hand, you can search anything in one go. Forgot the phrase you wanted to search? No worries, the safari cache ability lets you take a sneak through few of its suggestion. Now scroll down the bar and read the section that says- ‘On this Page.’ Tap & see what it takes you through. It’s like surfing the Google with your fingers. Indeed, the world doesn’t get any better.

#Trick24 – Create a New App of a Website you Visited

You may have installed numerous apps via App Store, but did you ever know that you can make an app out of a website you recently visited? I’ll show you how it is done. After you visit a site, tap a box that has an upward arrow in it that falls beside the right direction.

You will be given various options to choose from like bookmarking, reading list, copy, and add to home screen. Click the Add to Home Screen tab and you have your new app.

#Trick25 –  Advance Features of Safari

You probably know that by holding the screen you can save any images surfed in Safari. What you may not know is you can share anything via safari in your social media accounts, be it – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Stumbleupon.

Just tap the box with upward arrow and it displays a banner that has Message, Mail, Twitter, and Facebook by default. However, you can add more to your list by tapping the more Button. This can’t get simpler, isn’t it?

Work with Siri

 Most of the iPhone users have a good idea about Siri and what it does precisely. For the newbie’s, you can define Siri as a moderator between you and your iPhone. It helps you communicate with your iPhone in an easy way. Now with two versions of Siri (Male & Female) to choose from, select your best Siri. Now let’s discuss the ways Siri makes your work easy.

#Trick26 – Use Siri for Entertainmentsiri

Yes! Siri is an informational source but you can also use it for entertainment when you are bored. Ask stupid random questions and see what he/she says, I’m sure it will be comical. You can ask questions like what are you wearing? Who’s your daddy? What’s the best Smartphone? Make a list of stupid question you can think of and just ask it…

#Trick 27 – Share with Siri

With Siri you don’t have to jump to your keyboard to start typing your status. You can have instant tweet or Facebook share with a simple order to Siri. Just tell him/her to tweet a status like Hey! Siri tweet I’m sad and bingo! You will have your tweet in your twitter account.

#Trick28 – Hey Siri! Function

A simple feature known as Hey Siri can help you enable Siri during power and without holding home button. You just have to raise it and say Hey Siri! And it will reply you back. Now ask him/her anything you want.

Battery Usage and Operational

IPhone battery has been an issue for a long-long time. The battery doesn’t stand for its quality and standard but did you know there are many internal problems that could phase out your battery. Let’s walk through the process of making your iPhone battery much reliable.

#Trick29 – Access the Battery Usage Feature and Optimize it Accordingly


 With iOS 8, you have a feature called Battery Usage in your iPhone. What it does is it gives you thorough information of Apps that is consuming your battery immensely. Now with the information in your head, you can optimize your battery life and save energy.

#Trick30 – Close the Background Apps

You may not know it but secretly there are numerous apps running in your background that eats up all your battery. How do you remove it? Double tap the home button and a grid of banners appear in the screen, now swap upward to close it down. This method not only helps to increase your battery productivity but also helps to improve your iPhone performance.

#Trick31 – Charge your iPhone in Airplane Mode or with iPad Adapter

If your iPhone is not charging as quickly as you wanted, tap the phone into Airplane Mode. Your device will charge much faster in Airplane mode than in normal mode. Also next thing you can do is to connect your iPhone with iPad Adapter; this can race your battery charge without damaging its long-term performance.

Productivity Features

These are the features that can give your iPhone experience a “wow” Factor.

#Trick32 –  Install Scientific Calculator

When I used the word install, it has nothing to do with surfing the App store. You get you pre-manufactured scientific calculator automatically installed with your iPhone. Don’t believe me? Go to the calculator mode that you can find at the bottom of control center, if you are in iOS 7 or more.

Now flip your iPhone either ways – right or left. Make sure you have the Portrait Orientation Lock off. So what do you see now? A whole bunch of exponential numbers, isn’t it? Ready to play with the metrics? 😀

#Trick33 – Delete Last Digit on Calculator with a Simple Swipe

iPhone calculator

Normally when you go to calculator, you see numbers and other operational functions. You also may have noticed that after you type in some digits, there is not a single key to delete one single digit. You have to delete the entire section of numbers with AC. Well, there is an easy way folks, simply swipe your fingers from left to right or vice-versa, and you will see a digit disappear every single time.

#Trick34 – Stop Music with Clock

iphone tricks

A lot of people have the tendency to sleep with music plugged on their ears. Now it’s not a bad thing to sleep with an activated music player, but more often than not you will find a drastic reduction in your iPhone’s battery. How can you reduce it? You can apply simple tweaks in the configuration of your iPhone’s clock tab.

Here is what you should do, Go to Clock, then Timer, When Timer Ends, Scroll Down and Stop Playing. This is it, now simply set the timer to 1 hour or duration you want and your iPhone will stop the music for you.

#Trick35 – Get a Detailed Calendar

Normally when you open a calendar, you visit its default form. To see the hour-by-hour itinerary, you need to click every date. However, in a landscape mode, you will get hourly play-by-play for each and every day without have to stress a muscle. This makes it a straightforward task as it allows you to edit your schedule with an ease.

Miscellaneous Feature

 The miscellaneous feature part covers all the popular features that I could not cover above. These features carry simple taps to enhance the beauty of iPhone tricks… These are quite famous among the newbie’s too.

#Trick36. By tapping the home button and power button at once, you get a screenshot of the displayed image.

#Trick37. After you have moved down to the content, a simple way to crawl you back at the top is by tapping at the topmost bar of your iPhone.

#Trick38. If your iPhone freezes, a quick way to refresh it is by holding the home button and power button. Then your iPhone will shut off and restart again.

#Trick39. You can create a custom vibration pattern if you don’t like the vibration you get with your device. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration. Now start tapping. 😀

#Trick40. You will notice that you won’t have the battery percentage indicator at first. To activate the indicator go to Settings > General > Usage > and toggle on the battery percentage.

#Trick41. You can see the timestamp of your messages by dragging a bubble to the left.

#Trick42. Make phone call through Wi-Fi network, but this feature is valid only for T-Mobile in U.S. and you must have an upgraded iOS 8.

#Trick43. You can easily see what time the messages were sent by dragging a bubble from right to left.

#Trick44. With one iCloud account, you have access to install same app over and over again after it has been bought from one iPhone.

#Trick45. You can easily take action to notification that pops up in your screen. Either slide the notification up to dismiss it or pull it down to take necessary actions.

In Conclusion

 So this is it. You have a list of tricks and tips to get started with. My favorite is the Accessibility Feature, which one is yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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