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Stefan Green
Last updatedMay 16, 2017

App developers throughout the world are incessantly at work. Why? They want you to make your life easier, smarter, safer and full of fun. Everyday a new app hits the market and it is really hard to keep track on them. Some of them are really helpful for mankind whereas few just make a noise resulting nothing.

We have highlighted some of the best and latest Android apps:


Probably, it is one of the most useful apps that deal with your finance. WalletHub is a simple app that helps to check your credit status. It provides you with credit improving tips, monitoring it (credit), your savings and many more. The best aspect of this app is that it is free. You do not need to purchase it.

YouTube TV:

It is one of the revolutionary apps that has created buzz across the globe as it is the recent version of online TV. At the time of launch it was able to cover five areas of the service. The app will cover many areas of TV services in coming days.

YouTube TV is well appreciated for its design, account sharing feature with six people at maximum and unlimited cloud based DVR. The app is supported by Chromecast and integrated with You Tube Red Originals. It is not available easily and due to this the app not gaining that popularity which it deserves. But it is expected that the app will surely dent the app market in the future.

Movie Pal:

Are you movie addict? Well, the app is perfect for you. It is a social app that will track the list of movies that you have watched and want to watch. Another feature of the app is that you can create groups and invite friends to share (watch) movies.

Cost of the app? Well, it is free. Just download and have unlimited fun!

Outdoor Family Fun with Plum:

Kids are the target group of this app—Outdoor Family Fun with Plum. It entertains kids and helps them to learn at the same time. There are a total of 150 activities in the app and kids can learn about science, simple mathematics and many more through it. It is user friendly through which kids can easily take selfie or know about weather condition. The app is free which means cherry at the top!

Microsoft To Do:

It is a latest app by Microsoft. It is simple and easy to operate. Busy people are blessed by it as the app helps you to make a list of things to do and you can plan your schedule accordingly. It is handy to get yourself organized and punctual. The app will definitely bring smile on your face because it is free at present.


If you are a studious type, then Libby serves your purpose best as the app is platform where you can get ebook or audio book. The only thing you required for this is a library card. Just sign up with the card and enter into the word of wisdom. You can even download the book.

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