Mobile Lost? Don’t Worry

Stefan Green
Last updatedDecember 26, 2016

Lost your mobile? You are lost with it.

Mobile phone appeared as integral part of human being. It turned out to be something more than just a talking device. It is a directory, a source to acquire information, a platform to get connected with your family and friends, store pictures and moreover, a real means to entertainment.

Do not panic with your lost hand gadget. Here are some apps that will help you in recovering your belongings from theft or taken away.

Gadget Track

Gadget Track is a smart app. There are various features in this app including anti-theft which will detect location of the mobile, distant alarm activation and protection of different files. It functions well for both the devices—iOS and Android.

Gadget Track carry out extra features in Apple mobile. The app takes photo from the camera of lost mobile and keep the proof which will ultimately help you in finding the location of the device (mobile).

Motion Alarm

The uniqueness of Motion Alarm app is that it serves both types of mobile users—Android and iOS. For Android mobile users it offers the features of Motion and Sound Alarm whereas for iOS Motion Alarm is embedded.

The sound based feature in the Android immediately recognizes unwanted activity over the phone. And, the smart app will activate GPS tracking or set off an alarm or let the owner know through phone regarding its whereabouts. Your text can also control the app and held the thief.

The motion based technology in iOS keeps suspicious hands away from the cell. The app creates confusion to new user by darkening the screen or disguising the activity of the app.


It is smart app with simplicity. A message or online command from distance is enough to lock the phone from unwelcome users. The app is so smart that it back up and removes all essential information from the cell informing the cell owner regarding the status of the phone. It best works on Android phones.


The chances of recovery of your mobile from lost or theft with the Prey app in it is high. No sooner the device is lost the authorized person gets the signal through the app. This will help police in detecting the location of the mobile.

Geo-location tracking and activation of camera is the mode of operation of this app. Though the mobile is out of your reach, Prey takes care of the data and protects your mobile.


iHound is lashed with Geo-location feature which is helpful in recovering of the lost device. The Android version of this app is more beneficial. Locking mobile from distance and deleting important or private information from the cell are the main features of this app. The facility of remote messaging to your phone will keep you in constant touch with the mobile, no matter whoever carries it.

For Apple users, the app extends another feature of loud alarm terrifying the thief.

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