Blackberry Repair


Is your beautiful BlackBerry giving you problems lately? Has the buttons started acting weirdly? Do you think it’s time for your cell to get a diagnostic check-up? Doesn’t have any idea what is wrong with your device? Well throw that piece of headache in garbage, remember one name BC Wireless.

We offer a top-quality service in terms of our BlackBerry repair service. It doesn’t matter which model of BlackBerry you are carrying, bring it to our store and we will fix it right away. We will only charge you after we make your phone perfect like before. So any additional charge except repair & replacement goes out of question.

Call us now at: (212) 725-3200 or visit our store at 218 Madison Ave if your BlackBerry is giving you hassle.

Why Us:

  • We are a team of well-trained & experienced technicians
  • We imply on – You Wait While We Repair philosophy
  • We replace your damaged Mobile parts with original parts
  • We believe in providing Quality service in Affordable pricing
  • Honesty and trust is the two foundation of our repair center.

Our Repair Services include:

  • T-Mobile Cell Phone Repair Service
  • AT&T Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Sprint Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Verizon Cell Phone Repair Service
  • And Many More…