Nexus Repair

Google Nexus

Google Nexus- designed, developed and managed by Google took the market of Smartphone by storm after its initial release at Jan 2010. Its ability to receive updates to the operating system has always been the focal point of its features.

With a user friendly Nexus in your hands, a trust-worthy service from a cell phone repair center can do a world of good for your Nexus during the time of its downfall. This is where BC Wireless hits its mark.

We repair every models of Google Nexus. Whether you have a Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus 5, we provide first-class services to complement your needs. When it comes to efficient repair service No shop can match the quality and caliber of our store.

Is your device not functioning as it should? Well don’t worry. Just bring it to us and let our expert techs provide you with a better working Google Nexus.

Take time to visit our store at 218 Madison Ave or contact us at: (212) 725-3200.

Why Us:

  • We are a team of well-trained & experienced technicians
  • We imply on – You Wait While We Repair philosophy
  • We replace your damaged Mobile parts with original parts
  • We believe in providing Quality service in Affordable pricing
  • Honesty and trust is the two foundation of our repair center.

Our Repair Services include:

  • T-Mobile Cell Phone Repair Service
  • AT&T Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Sprint Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Verizon Cell Phone Repair Service
  • And Many More…