Samsung Repair


With its product line of Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, Phablets and Galaxy Tab series, Samsung Cell Phone Company has laid a foundation of being the most dedicated electronic gadgets manufacturers of this Millennium.

With an extensive feature of Samsung Phones, you must also be aware of the problems it has to face during the time of malfunctioning. This is the time we step up in a quest of helping peoples suffering from problems on their Samsung gadgets.

We at BC Wireless provide an excellent repair and part replacement services to complement all your Samsung phone needs. Did you drop your phone on the bathtub? Sounds silly, right? But it happens and we have heard too many such cases in our career. Or, has your home button just stopped working? You name the problems and we will fix it up for you.

How can you connect with us? You can visit our store located at 212 Madison Ave. Or you can call us directly at: (212) 725-3200.

Why Us:

  • We are a team of well-trained & experienced technicians
  • We imply on – You Wait While We Repair philosophy
  • We replace your damaged Mobile parts with original parts
  • We believe in providing Quality service in Affordable pricing
  • Honesty and trust is the two foundation of our repair center.

Our Repair Services include:

  • T-Mobile Cell Phone Repair Service
  • AT&T Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Sprint Cell Phone Repair Service
  • Verizon Cell Phone Repair Service
  • And Many More…