Some Of The Biggest Problems With iPhone 7

iPhone 7
Stefan Green
Last updatedJune 13, 2017

Millions of people desperately waited for iPhone 7 launch. There were thousands of pre booking of the iPhone 7 before it was launched.When Apple launches its latest phone of iPhone series, there are always long queues of Apple fans waiting at the Apple carrier store. Same happened when Apple launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in September 2017.

IPhone lovers bragged about its thinness,  better camera, its water resistance capacity and all other positive features of the iPhone 7.  However, there were some missing or features that made people disappointed.  There are some major ones.

End of 3.5mm audio jack

This has hit the many iPhone lovers hard. 3.5 mm audio jack is supported in all smartphones and all other series of iPhone series, but its sudden walkout from 3.5 mm audio jack disappointed. I was also among the list of those dissatisfied.

The new iPhone 7 has introduced wireless earbuds that use the lightning connector. And a funny but sad thing is iPhone users easily lose those tiny earpods. And as those earpods get lost, the users have to go for some expensive headphone as replacement. Moreover, the need of charging of those earpods is somehow annoying too.

No fast or wireless charging

Nowadays, numerous phones have introduced wireless charging and same case with fast charging.  There are phones from smartphone companies like Samsung, LG and other brands that have both fast and wireless charging. However, Samsung has failed to introduce such charging methods till date. As the phone manufacturers are inventing more efficient technology day by day, people do not like to keep their phones to charging for hours or carrying to wire chargers wherever they go.

PoorLED display quality

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 uses 1440p display and there are phones that are using 4K UHD display and here is iPhone’s latest model with 750p resolution. What? Apple, stop kidding with iPhone lovers! Don’t make us switch to android phones.



Now people want to see USB-C in iPhone. USB-C has become more universal and every other phones support this. This is another factor that made some iPhone lovers disappointed.

No expandable storage

iPhone 7 has no expandable storage as well.  Although iPhone 7 comes up with upto 256 GB storage capacity, missing of expandable memory feature is still the heated argument.

No multiple simcards slot

Maybe it’s time for Apple to go for dual-slim slot. All other major mobile phone brands have regularly included this feature whereas Apple is yet to introduce it in iPhone. If the phone had come with dual-slim slot, you could have two numbers- personal and work number in a single phone.


iPhonehas reached to its seventh generation. There are a very huge number of people that love iPhones series than any other phones. Although people spend decent amount of money in every new launched iPhones, there always remains some disappointing factors. This time, removal of 3.5 mm audio jack, absence of wireless and fast charging, poor LED display quality hit the iPhone lovers hard.  However, iPhone continue ruling the smartphone’s market being as one of the top selling smartphones around the world since years.

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