System on Chip: Brain of Your Smartphone

Brain of your smartphone
Stefan Green
Last updatedMay 26, 2017

Your smartphone functions because of the processor or System on Chip (SoC). It is regarded as the brain of the cell which helps in the functioning of everything from touchscreen display to games and apps to music.

There are different types of SoCs namely exynos, snapdragon, mediatek, and many more. Let us know few basics about some popular processors:


The Exynos is one of the popular SoCs and is made by Samsung. Among different types of chips under the flagship of Exynos, the popular one comes with octa-core. The four smaller cores in the chip handle light task whereas remaining four—bigger ones—are responsible for performing heavy duty. It uses Arm Mali graphics processor.


Snapdragon is made by Qualcomm and is used by different handset company especially, Samsung. Yes, you are right Samsung smartphone uses two types of SoC one manufactured by itself called Exynos and the other one by Qualcomm. Samsung set exported to Europe and North America has snapdragon chip. Except few things Snapdragon performs in the same way like exynos. It supports Ardeno GPUs.


It is a Tiwanese chip and has many cores in it for the better functioning of the handset. Extra cores in the chip are responsible for the smooth functioning of both the tasks—light and heavy. Device with sufficient Ram will deliver a perfect task as more cores demand more RAM for better performance.

Let us discuss about core now

What is core core?

The main processor consists of an element and it (element) is responsible for reading and executing instructions. The journey of processor began with single core and now tech-experts created more powerful devices by adding more cores in it as a result we have dual-core processor, quad-core processor, hexa-core and now octa-core processor in our smartphones.

What are the advantages of multi cores?

Having more cores on device means getting work done in least possible time. In other words, your hand set gets the job done faster with multi core processor. You can download quickly without interruption, click high quality image, play video without stuttering and many more. Despite the fact, there are some exceptions but multi cores get the job done in blink.

Moreover, some people believe that smartphone with octa-core processor is twice faster than quad-core one but this is not the truth. Octa-core processor gains hand over quad-core when you are multitasking. For instance, one core is busy when you are net surfing and the other is idol. The second core starts functioning when you receive the call at that very time. Now both the tasks are carried out uninterruptedly. And this does not mean octa-core processor is twice faster than quad-core one.

Besides processor, there are many other elements that help your smartphone to function properly. The processor is only one of the components of the set. It is one of the parts of entire system and collectively they function as a unit.

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