Techno-Culture Is New Culture Of Modern Human Society

Stefan Green
Last updatedMarch 16, 2017

This is an era of technology where everything is fast. People are eagerly waiting for new mobiles with new features. The embedded new technology in a new mobile becomes a solid matter to talk throughout the world—users or potential users.

Moreover, mobile phones injected a new culture in our society and none can deny this fact—the culture of technology. Probably, one day the world will unite on the ground of techno-culture and each individual will happily appreciate and accept it as a new culture of the society.

Here below we highlight some of the new technologies that the world will be witnessing in near future:

Electro-vibration technology:

This technology will help you to feel any kind of texture. You can feel the texture through the touch-screen of a mobile. If you are an online shopping lover, then you will be taking maximum benefit of electro-vibration technology as you can feel the texture and quality of the cloth. The technology will also benefit visually impaired people. It is going to be reality in very near future.

Speech Translation:

The speech-to-speech translation will surely benefit the people of every strata and country across the globe. This technology was introduced by Microsoft in 2012 and now it turned out to be reality. The technology will be boon for many business people too. With the development of this app, the role of translator and mediator will be challenged.

Foldable screens:

Mobile phone companies are going to bring new type of sets that can be folded and unfolded. This will deliver complete satisfaction to you while watching movie or playing game as the set can be unfolded larger. The screen has organic light emitting diode technology.

Similarly, mobile phone companies are also working to manufacture wearable mobile phones. For instance, use it as a mobile or wear it as a wrist watch. It is expected to be in the market by the end of the year 2017.

Interface between brain and computer:

Thoughts are common with brain and each thought is different from other due to unique brainwave pattern. This simply means that no two electrical signals are same. To carry out certain commands, these exclusive signals can be mapped. The technology called brain-computer interface in the smart-phone will catch thoughts of mobile owner and execute the command.

The introduction of this technology is going to bring drastic revolution in the world of technologies. Just imagine that you want to close a door but you are not in state to do so. In such case this technology will get your job done—the door will be closed.

Aforementioned new technologies are some of the examples that the world will be witnessing in short future. Many mobile companies, at present, are working on more complex technologies which will take the world into new dimensions. It will surely benefit the humanity by making their lives easier.

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