Technology: Determining Future Of The World

Stefan Green
Last updatedApril 10, 2017

People are deeply attached to their mobile phone and feel incomplete without it. Hand set turned out to be everything for every single user. You feel insure without it because it keeps you connected with the world.

Some influential industry leaders believe that mobile phone will be embedded in our body parts—hand, arm or head—in future. They might be right because we already witnessed technology built in our watch, shirt and shoes. Moreover, the advancement in software is also driving our society in this direction. So it is logical for them to believe in this way.

According to Erik Brynjolfsson, the invention of steam engine replaced muscle power in the first machine age. Now we are about to enter in second machine age where computers and digital advances will be doing things for mental power. Brynjolfsson is a director at MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy at the Sloan School of Management.

Many optimistic techno experts believe that body implanted with wireless using devices or phones will be available in the technology market by 2023. It is not that far, just a matter of six years from now.

From security point of view, the technology will benefit entire world and every single nation. Each and every person will be tracked digitally and a person crossing border without the device in the body will be regarded as illegal immigrant. It will also benefit government surveillance agency. This will be helpful in the making of peaceful world.

Such technology will help government to track each and every citizens residing in that very territory. This can curb the crime and no criminals can escape after crime. They are always in the radar of the government as they (criminals) are implanted with device in their body signaling their location to the state.

Besides, industry leaders also believe that technology will make human life easier and safer. Relying on technology, they predict that world will witness driverless cars after nine years—by 2026.

In this regard too, they seem logical. Many car companies are working in this idea. Moreover, companies like Audi and Google are test driving driverless car at present. Google recently claimed that such car will be commercially available by 2020.

No techno experts and no big companies are in state to predict the future course of world and humanity at present because technology is changing at rapid speed. An app uploaded before going to bed becomes outdated by the morning. On this ground, we can say that the future of the world is guided by technology. Everything is changing with it.

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