Tips on Removing Scratches From Your Phone’s Screen

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Last updatedAugust 04, 2014

Today’s generation revolves around the innovative technological methods and its finished products. One of the finest babies that these technologies have produced is the cell phones. We can’t deny the fact that these cell phones, especially – smart phones have become one of the liabilities of human era. And, it has evolved as a growing culture in the modern society.

However, when you purchase a cell phone, you don’t want your new baby doll to get scratched. However, phones tend to get scratched quite more than often. Blame it on your carelessness, mistakes or your bad luck! So what can you do to preserve your cell phones from getting dented?

Here is the list of things you must follow to prevent your phone screens from scratches:

  • First thing first, always try to buy a phone that comes with gorilla glass. It not only protects your screen from minor damages, it also saves the screen from light and the surrounding pollutions. Simply, it helps your phone to remain as new as the first time you laid your fingers on it.


  • Secondly, what you can do is get an anti-glare film on your phone’s screen. Even if you don’t possess a gorilla glass in your phone, an anti-glare film can do the trick of safety for you.


  • Unfortunately, if your cell phones already have scratches,  you can opt to apply the below process:


Polish the scratched areas for about 2-3 min with a screen polisher. And, repeat this process until you see a clean and clear display.


Toothpaste can also perform as your scratch remover. What you have to do is, simply apply a blob of toothpaste on your screen gently and wait for few minutes for it to semi-dry. Then, with few drops of water in your cloth, wipe off the toothpaste.

See it does work, Right?

If both tricks fail to deliver what you expected, the only option that is left with you is to replace your screen. Well, it may cause you 1/3rd of your total phone cost but, that’s a little cost you can compromise on.


If you have any problems related with your cell phone, be it cracked screen, cell phone unlock, repairs or just anything related with cell phones, feel free to give BC Wireless a call. Dial: (212) 725-3200 or you can also reserve us online.

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