Tips to keep your phone secure

Ethan Barnes
Last updatedFebruary 11, 2016

Your mobile phone is very precious to you. It contains sensitive data and information you can’t risk losing or getting exposed. Due to popularity of android and iOS, mobile viruses and malware are targeting mobile devices. These viruses can secretly steal your personal data like contacts, bank account number etc. your private data can be misused by someone. Thankfully, we are here with top-level tips to keep your phone secured and prevent your valuable data from falling into wrong hands. Following are some tips to keep your phone secure.


Update your software

Whether you are running Android, iOS or Windows Phone it is always advised to run the latest version of Operating System available. To get the best performance and security features, you should always run the latest software available for your phone. This goes for both OS and apps. A newer version will have fewer loopholes than the previous version. This also concerns safety and security of your phone.  Most manufacturers allow you to set your phone to check for updates automatically, so always make sure this box is ticked.


Use a secure lock screen

It seems almost nonsensical nowadays to not have basic lock on your screen. Various kinds of screen locks are available in today’s smartphones. Even fingerprints and facial recognition are available in the latest phones. Some people prefer pattern locks but it is less secure than PIN. Alphanumeric password is the most secure lock. If you are willing to go one step further, change your password from time to time. This is the most effective and secured you could get.


Install antivirus software

It makes sense to have antivirus software in your phone providing that malwares and viruses have grown into much greater concern today. You need to protect your phone from data theft and security threats. The problem is not as widespread as on desktop computers but still there is a credible threat. The problem appears to be less hazardous for iPhones due to Apple’s strict controlling of the App store. The open source nature of Android makes it a lot more vulnerable, as malicious apps can be sideloaded onto the device without being checked by Google. In both cases, this is something that can be countered through the use of mobile Antivirus software.


Disable apps from untrusted sources

People often tend to download and install apps that aren’t found on the App Store or Google Play, but these are the apps that are less secure. Most of the malicious codes are injected to pirated or untrusted files from the untrusted sources. So it is recommended to install apps only from the trusted sources. If you are unable to access Google Play Store due to some reason then you can use other reliable sources like AppBrain.


These are some of the tips to keep your phone safe and secure. These tips will prevent from getting your phone infected from malicious things and keep your private data to yourself.

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