Tips to Save Your Wet Cell-Phone

Last updatedOctober 30, 2015

So you accidentally, unintentionally, dropped your cell phone into the bath tub! Did you get drenched in the rain… or even worst, dropped it in the toilet?

This calls either for an expensive cell phone repair or a replacement. However, if you respond quickly, you not only will save your phone but also your time and money. Here are some must follow tips and tricks which surely would come handy

  • Act Quickly and Take Your Phone Out Of The Water As Soon As Possible

The moment you notice that you have dropped your phone n the water, retrieve it ASAP. Holes and ports meant for a charger, earphone, data cable etc easily allow water to reach the inside of the phone. Once you have your phone out of the water, turn it off.

  • Don’t Try To Switch Your Mobile On

Never try to turn on your wet phone. Doing so will cause a short circuit and may result in temporary or permanent damage to your phone.
If it is still on, just switch it off.

  • Remove All Peripherals

After you have switched off your phone, remove all peripherals such as back cover, SIM card and memory card. This will allow air to pass through and prevent further damage to the phone.

  • Dry Your Phone with a Soft Rag or Towel

Use soft cloth or towel to gently wipe off all the water. Soft fabrics will not scratch or bruise the fragile internal parts of your phone. Don’t try to shake your phone excessively as it will allow water to move freely even towards the drier parts.
• Use Vacuum Cleaner Instead Of Hair Dryer

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the water out of the inner parts of your phone. Most people use hair dryer for this purpose. However, hair dryer pushes the water deep inside instead of pulling it out. Also, the hot air from hair dryer may cause oxidation followed by corrosion.

  • Place Your Phone on a Substance With Higher Affinity

To get rid of the remaining moisture from your phone, place it inside an airtight container of raw rice or any other substance with higher affinity like silica gel.

These are the basic things you need to be doing if water has affected your cell phone. Besides, finding a  reliable mobile repair and maintenance center is a must.

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