Top Ten iPhone Apps 2014

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Last updatedAugust 29, 2014

Every year we see a legion amount of mainstream and new apps hovering around the screen of App Store. And, 2014 obviously doesn’t seem to unveil a different story. This blog is principally intended to hash out the Top Ten Apps of 2014 that have taken the market of Apps by storm.

Below is the list of apps that you may have in your phone right now and if not, this blog will surely give you an edge about what you have missed till this date!!

  • Netflix: With one of the best streaming service available today, it’s really hard for other apps to match up with the caliber of Netflix. If you are probing for a service that can meet your demands of movies & TV shows, Netflix is your one-stop-shop.
  • Audible: This is one of the dominant apps of 2014. This is where you can have access through your favorite books in a real quick time. Owned in the name of Amazon, this app offers you the best selection of audio books and is guaranteed to provide you with the time of your life.
  • Feedly: It is the app that segregates your favorite websites in various categories to create an easy approach for maintaining limited space of your iPhone. This app contains rich information about all the latest news, technology, sports, finance, photography and many more.
  • Pocket Casts: If you love using podcasting apps in your phone, this app will surely be in the heights of other top podcasting apps. This app with its clean background and accessibility to iTunes runs the show as far as podcasting is concerned.
  • Shazam: With Shazam installed in that incredulous handheld device of yours, you can gain an easy access through the major details of any song or ongoing TV shows. How does it work? For instance, if you hear a song while you are in a bar or a pub and you want to know the artist of that song or other details, Shazam detects the song appropriately to give every detail about that song. Sounds pretty cool, right?
  • ESPN Sports Center: Are you a sport freak? Do you love to get updated with the latest on goings in the world of sports? Then this app gives you everything you need to meet your desire. Get updated with latest scores, blogs and news in just a mere go with ESPN Sports Center.
  • Infinity Blade III: This game is the first of its kind that has thoroughly optimized the 64-bit A7 chip of iPhone 5s. For those who love action games, this game provides an additional leverage to relive the virtual game for real.
  • Facebook: Well, what can you say about facebook? It is the leading social networking site of the present date and I personally term it as the Boss of social networking. You can easily download Facebook app from your app store and for chatting, you can install the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a social networking app that gives you options of sharing your photos and videos with your friends. In US, you would rarely see an iPhone without instagram installed in it. This shows the visibility and popularity of this app especially among the age group of 15-35.Recently, the photo sharing elephantine initiated a one stop app that allows users to shoot time lapse videos. So make it quick to get one of this for your phone.


  • Google Maps: When it comes to getting from one point to another, nothing can match the credibility of Google Maps. Not only it helps you find directions but it also provides you with an extra aid for finding the nearest and favorable restaurants. So all in all, it is a must download app that I suggest you must have in you iPhone.


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