Ways to Rule Maps on Your iPhone

Last updatedJuly 31, 2015

You can’t oversee the helpfulness of maps in your smart phone or iPhone. It is no wonder that you frequently check your phone to know about places and know the location in the map apps. If you are an iOS user and have been using the device since its early days, you might know that you did need a third party app if you wanted to get turn-by-turn-directions. Those days are, now, long gone.


Free options galore and default apps in the iPhone itself provides a huge range of options, when it comes to getting directions, using the mass transit. This has made the task so much simpler for the users. Till now, being an IOS user, you might have known that the mapping abilities of iPhone are awesome. So, this blog is all about letting you know more about the ways to rule over maps on your iPhone.


Hold on!!! Let me introduce you to some free apps that you should download. Yes, you should! The following tips are an arsenal when it comes to expanding your mapping boundaries.

  1. Google Maps: It often lies on the top when it comes to the list of free apps. Stellar maps, and plain and simple presentation, what more do you crave from a free app? No matter what, be assured that this app will get you to your destination.
  2. Waze: This finger-friendly app always makes you feel that you are a part of a big driving community. Try this and see how useful it can get.
  3. Maps: The default app in iPhone – you know it, you love it.

Now, let’s move on a smooth road trip with mapping awesomeness. These are the tips to help you rule over the maps on your apple handset.


  1. Beat the traffic

Traffic information is a must when it comes to reaching the destination on time. Usually, we only tend to use the app in the last moment, when we start having that feeling – “Am I lost?”, or if we are stuck somewhere. Rather, we should check for all the information about the road, especially the traffic, before we set off on the road.  If you can easily know about traffic in particular areas, then why not utilize the available resources, right?

Checking the app time and again, even during a normal trip would help you know how accurate the app is. Make the ultimate use of the Google map in such cases. Getting up-close with technology, for your own good, will do no harm. To your surprise, Google maps even suggest you shorter ways, when you are getting late to reach your destination. Try it mates, save your time with just some swipes and touches in your iPhone.


  1. Point of Interest- A quicker way

The three apps, which I mentioned as an arsenal, all have Points of Interests, i.e. POI. However, all of them aren’t created equal. If you’ve installed Waze in your apple cell phone, you might know that it allows advertisers to advertise their location which surely is a win-win case. The coffee shop you want or the shopping mall you want to shop in, Waze updates you with all the information.

Google maps, along with Waze and Map, provides ratings for a particular establishment. Yelp proudly powers the map pre-installed in the iPhone. Tap on a place and you easily can see reviews and photos, directly from Yelp. Waze, being a bit different, offers ratings with star system.


  1. Have your own personal drone with 3D Flyer

You might have scheduled a vacation som time sooner, right? If so, you surely have set up some landmarks to visit, am I right again? I presume so.

Then, let me tell you that apple maps possess the fascinating 3D Flyover tour for its users. Enter a landmark and let the app fill in the address there. Look at the top of the screen to find an option: 3D Flyover Tour, and explore… Experience your own personal drone then…

These are all I’ve got for now… Try them and see how they can be of help.

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