Yes, Water Soaked Mobile Phone Needs First Aid Just Like Human

Stefan Green
Last updatedFebruary 14, 2017

Damages are common with mobile phones. Most of the times cells are in our hands so the chance of its fall is very high. Normally, seven out of 10 mobiles are damaged just due to accidents—fall while handling the gadgets.

My people visit our store with complains regarding the fall of the belongings in water. Most of the cells are repaired whereas few are damaged forever. You have to take certain precautions no sooner you pick up the cell back from water puddle. Chances of repairing of such mobiles (taken precaution) are high whereas other will occupy the space in the drawer where most of your impaired things are stored. Water dipped mobile immediately requires a kind of first aid treatment just like human beings do after the accidents.

Here below we discuss some of the things to consider immediately after recovering your mobile from water:

Remove Battery and SIM:

No sooner you recover your mobile from water switch off it and remove the battery and SIM card immediately. This will minimize the chance of short-circuit. If the set is dropped in muddy puddle or toilet then rinse it with clean lukewarm water. This will remove dirt or debris from your mobile.

Dry the Phone:

Now dry your phone properly. Use soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe the internal side of your phone along with battery. Do not touch the copper tips. Some people let the phone to air dry, never do this. It might cause corrosion which results damage of the cell permanently.

Remove Moisture:

This is another important step for the removal of remaining moisture in your phone. Keep your cell phone and battery in a bowl full of rice. Put it in uncooked rice! Leave the phone and battery in it for eight to 12 hours or overnight. Rice is good at absorbing moisture from the cell as it acts as desiccant. You can also use silica gel packet as a substitute of rice. Switch on the mobile and it starts functioning.

Bring it to Us:

If you still have some doubts regarding the operation of your mobile then you should now turn to us. We are professional people who are expert in taking care of water soaked cells. But before coming to us it is essential to follow the steps as prescribed earlier. Human beings are taken to the hospital after first aid and the same thing is applied with mobile too. Give first aid to your cell before visiting us otherwise it will be too late to repair your mobile.

Things to avoid:

We also suggest you not to use alcohol to get your gadget dry. This will create negative effect in your cell as there is a chance that the adhesive in your phone will dissolve in it (alcohol). Moreover, do not give heat from external source while drying it.

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