Your Behavior with Mobile Determines its Life

Stefan Green
Last updatedJanuary 13, 2017

Purchasing mobile phone is a kind of investment. Its price depends upon its features, size and the brand. The exorbitant price of cell does not mean that the gadget is strong and will last long. Your care primarily determines life and durability of mobile.
Points here below are helpful in taking care of your mobile:

Ask yourself why you are purchasing particular mobile?

As per research, six out of 10 people purchase mobile just because they like that very brand. Report also says that 70 per cent features of mobile are not used by the owner. So, while purchasing the mobile, make sure that the brand and the features well tailor your needs. If the gadget fulfills your need then you automatically love it and give care. Hence, caring of your mobile begins from the very step of purchasing it. Your happiness is the connecting factor between you and the device which ultimately leads to its care.

Use of Mobile Case and Screen Protector:

After purchasing mobile do not forget to purchase mobile case. It will protect your mobile from internal and external damages that might occur accidentally due to sudden drop or knock. The case is also responsible for retaining the look of mobile new. It preserves its luster and possible dent.
Similarly, screen protector resists scratches retaining the original look of the screen forever. It also prevents dust and dirt from entering inside the cell.

Keep it Dry:

Keep your cell phone away from water. Most of the mobiles are not water resistant. Do not use your cell when it is raining because water droplets or moisture can enter inside the cell damaging its internal parts including software. We do not suggest you to carry your cell near swimming pool, beach or washroom either.

Place Your Cell in Right Place:

It is good to keep your cell in particular or designated place. This will keep your mobile safe from sudden drop off or knock. Keep it out of reach of children. Most of the mobiles are damaged by children as they frequently knock down it.
It is also suggested not to carry your mobile in the back pocket of your jeans. This is one of the reasons of its break down. Always keep it in rear pocket or inside the coat.

Use Recommended Charger or Accessories:

It is good to charge your mobile with the recommended charger which you get while purchasing the cell. Other chargers can lessen lifespan of your device. Always charge the cell in open area. Charging in closed area might be one of the reasons of fire risk. Immediately remove the charger when the cell is 100 per cent charged. It is suggested to keep the battery per cent in between 40 to 80 per cent for long life of battery. Charging carelessly for longer time can ruin the battery. Recharge the cell at least once in 24 hours of its use. Do not let your cell run out of charge to zero.

Clean Your Cell:

Always clean the external part of your mobile regularly. This will prevent dirt and dust entering inside the cell. Tissue paper or alcohol wipe is suggested for exterior cleaning. Do not use water or other cleaning solutions on the surface of your cell.
Following aforementioned tips will surely add life to your cell. These are some of the disciplines that you need to embrace for long life of your device. Always keep in your mind that malfunctioning of cell is not its (mobile’s) problem. The functioning of the cell entirely depends upon your behavior with it.

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