Your Mobile Your Responsibility: Take Care Of Screen

Stefan Green
Last updatedMarch 08, 2017

Undoubtedly, your mobile is your friend. So, treat it in the same manner as you do with your beloved friend. Talk through it, text through it, listen it, play with it, search through it and do everything possible with it, but kindly. Mobile cannot tolerate your extreme behavior as a result, normally, screen of the device starts making face, just like your friend. So, before it (screen) shows distorting expression take steps in its care.

Here below are some of the tips regarding mobile screen care:

Love your device and use properly:

Any electronic device shows problem after some time of usage and mobile is no exception. Do not bang it if the device responds slowly. Play games carefully and do not exert additional pressure on the screen in excitement. This is one of the main reasons for display damage.

Shield your screen for protection:

Transparent thick/thin stickers on the screen of its (screen) size will protect the screen for long time from dust and scratches. Scratches are common with the screen of any mobile. Similarly, accumulated dust on the screen in absence of shield can lessen the life of display. Hence, gluing screen protector is the best way to protect it.

Moreover, the protector or mobile case will play crucial role in case of accident of it (gadget) like falling. Normally, screen is one of the parts that are damaged by the shock of falling. So, mobile cover is must for the protection of screen and overall device because it (cover) absorbs the shock giving least space for damages especially, screen.

Avoid direct sunlight:

The heat of direct sunlight can surely ruin the display of your mobile. Never expose your gadget to direct sunlight and if it is summer, then definitely not.

Do not keep the screen on for long time:

Screen burn-in occurs if you keep the touch-screen inactive for long time without deactivating the display. If this has been happening with you, then fix the problem immediately through professionals.

Clean screen regularly:

Dirty screen accumulates dust and grime resulting problem with screen so prevention of the screen is better than the cure. Clean the display using soft cotton or microfiber cloth. It is suggested not to use wet cloth over the screen. In case of necessity, use distilled water as it does not contain minerals and calcium like tap water does. Do not rub the screen over and again and apply gentle pressure while cleaning it.

Protect from electric shock:

The screen of mobile cannot bear shock. It (display) stops functioning properly, no sooner it (mobile) gets shock from other external sources. Keep it away from electricity conducting object/s.

Use only recommended tools on your mobile screen:

Touch screen mobiles are skin or finger sensitive so only use fingers over it. You can also use stylus with some of the models of Samsung. Besides, do not use other things over the display as it can damage the screen.

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